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Alien Z

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Alien Z is the Hero Watch's DNA sample of a member of an unknown species from an unknown planet.


Alien Z is a bipedal bird with blue skin. He wears a blue and black Zorro-like suit that covers his torso and wings, and he wears a hat which integrates the fin of his head. Alien Z features bulging eyes and a protruding jaw. His wings are sharp around the edges.

Alien Z wears the Hero Watch symbol on his right wing, under his blue cape.

Powers and Abilities

Similar to Earth penguins, Alien Z is an excellent swimmer and can reach fast swimming speeds.

Alien Z can launch himself onto land like a torpedo and slide on his belly.

Alien Z has laser knifes on the edges of his fins.


Despite having wings, Alien Z is incapable of flight, being stranded on land.