General Information
Species Celestialsapien
Home World Forge of Creation
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Omnipotence
First Appearance  ???

' is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Celestialsapien from the Forge of Creation.

Ben and Albedo acknowledge as his most powerful alien, but concedes that transforming into him is not worth the cost.

has three personalities: Serena, the voice of love and compassion, Bellicus, the voice of rage and aggression and Ben, the voice of reason. All three speak in unison when  speaks.

As Serena and Bellicus have been arguing for eternity and before they had no tiebreaker, getting them to focus on any present task is difficult at best, leaving 's body trapped in place until an agreement is made.


is a humanoid alien whose entire body is solid black (excluding his hands, which are white). He has tiny white star-like spots all over his body, giving him the appearance of a starry sky. His eyes are green and pupiless, and his forehead bears three horns. Later in the series it is implied that the starry form isn't simply aesthetic but that  and by extension all Celestialsapiens are or contain their own pocket universes as Paradox was able to travel inside  and speak to him before reversing the transformation.
wears the Omnitrix/Unlimitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

  • is omnipotent, being able to warp reality, time, and space with ease and at any level he wishes. Even his thoughts can become real.
  • can create time waves to reverse events.
  • can create an entire universe at will. He is also very durable, as he was completely unharmed when the Anihilaarg destroyed the universe around him. can self-duplicate and create galaxies to suck in other beings. He is also capable of high speed travel, superhuman strength, and the ability to grow to a gigantic size. He appears to be skilled at hand-to-hand combat.
  • possesses telekinesis and is capable of deflecting attacks.


  • In order for to perform any action, including simple movement and transforming back, at least two of his personalities must agree to do so. This has proven to be a major weakness, as Serena and Bellicus weren't interested in dealing with present affairs and wanted to finish past ones that weren't possible to deal with without Ben.
  • There is an alternate timeline where Albedo transformed into Negative and was stuck motionless for nearly a year.
  • is vulnerable to having his powers absorbed, as Ben and Azmuth have implied that Darkstar and Osmosians can absorb his omnipotent powers.
  • Other Celestialsapiens can harm .


  • is a Nano and a former NPC in the game FusionFall.
  • In Project Exonaut, is a level 10 suit.
  • Some people think is just a rumor.
  • Ben and Albedo serve as the tie breaker for ; if two of the personalities agreed on something, the motion was carried.
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