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Alien X is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Celestialsapien from the planet Zvezda.


Alien X has his UAF appearance, although the stars on his body faintly glow blue, yellow, and red, akin to how they appear when looking up at them in the night sky.


Alien X's omnipotence has been reduced to nigh omnipotence.


Alien X retains all of his weaknesses from the original canon, added onto the fact he has a power reduction.






  • There are a few reasons why Alien X was reduced to nigh omnipotence:
    • Alien X has in-canon been shown to not be able to do everything, as he had to recreate the universe rather than be able to stop the Annihilaarg.
    • While Bellicus and Serena work as fine limits, it's still slightly more interesting to have a nigh omnipotent alien than a full on omnipotent one.
    • Like all aliens, Alien X is somewhat influenced by Ben's DNA, as the former is just a Celestialsapien template added onto the latter, meaning Alien X's physical gender and age are determined by Ben's DNA, meaning the full omnipotence his species has isn't accessible to him.
  • Unlike in Omniverse, Ben is not able to just use Alien X. He has to have actual interactions with Bellicus and Serena. You know what that means? He didn't show up in Weapon XI Part 1 for literally no reason other than to force Servantis' point even though it made no sense. It was stupid, fight me.
  • Alien X's DNA donor comes from Zvezda, his original planet, which in this continuity is the Milky Way Galaxy's sort of hub for Celestialsapiens. It kinda breaks canon for them to all just be in the Forge of Creation which would be inaccessible and not even close to our galaxy since it's on the outside of the universe, so this kinda helps with how Azmuth got the DNA sample to begin with.
  • Alien X was the last Alien Force alien to be designed for Time's End.
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