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Alien Universe is a franchise created by Color, following the storyline of an alternate version of Ben in crosstime, known as Super Ben. The franchise shows Ben through ages 15 to 17 and will go on to follow other heroes.

The Alien Universe franchise includes one concluded series, one active primary series and will go on to feature 3 spin-offs.

Ben 10: Alien Universe

Ben dons the Omnitrix in a story that runs alongside the events of Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. With cousin Gwen and new friend Kevin, the trio go out stopping the DNAliens while facing some old foes along the way.

Major Villains

Ben 10 Unleashed: Time Rules

A movie proposed and written by Ahmad15, Ben 10 Unleashed: Time Rules takes place during the Ultimate Alien era (or, the unaired Unleashed era of the original show). In it, the Time Lordess challenges the team - and Ultimate Kevin. It is the first chronological appearance of Streak, who first debuted in Back in Action: Alien Universe.

Back in Action: Alien Universe

Following the events of the Unleashed arc in its preceding series and Omniverse (minus the last 5 seasons), Ben and gang take on an foes new and old, including Albedo, Elena, and a Thep Khufan known as Scarogus, who are all hired hands under a Thep Khufan known simply as the Thep Khufan Commander.

After defeating him, months pass before they wrestle with the threats of villainous Omnitrix wielder Dawn, shenanigans within the Plumber ranks, and a looming prison break from Null Void Incarcecon. The series heavily features unique aliens and characters.

Major Villains

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Seventeen in College

Originally announced during the first run of Back in Action: Alien Universe, Seventeen in College will follow Gwen's attempt to manage a team, summer schoolwork, and her personal relationships all in the aftermath of a grave loss. Also featuring Kevin, Mercedes Barnes, and Aion as central characters, the series will run alongside the third season of BiA and fill in some gaps. It will also go in-depth on the workings of magic.

The series was officially confirmed again in Color's Welcome to the Alien Universe blog. More details were provided during Winter Fanon Con 2021.


A prequel series taking place in the 90s, Cassette follows Eunice's predecessor, the Unitrix Mark I who goes by Cassie as she tries to save Azmuth from captivity on the most dangerous world in the galaxy. The series will begin after Back in Action: Alien Universe and Seventeen in College conclude.

The series was announced on October 5, 2021 alongside the release of the 34th episode of Back in Action: Alien Universe.

The Golden Years

A prequel series starting off in the early 70s, The Golden Years chronicles the early Plumber years of Max Tennyson, alongside his first (long-term) partner Phil, while he navigates keeping the Plumber secret from his young kids Carl and Frank, who no longer have a caretaker after their aunt Vera decided she wanted to focus more on living her own life.

The series was announced during Winter Fanon Con 2021 as the final entry in the Alien Universe franchise.

Scrapped spin-offs

Outside of Seventeen in College, other spin-offs have been mentioned, three of which have been name-dropped in Color's Progress Report blog as potential future spin-offs. Two confirmed spin-offs will premiere after Seventeen in College, Cassette and The Golden Years.

In Color's Welcome to the Alien Universe post, the following series were determined to be "not on the table."

Kevin of the Void

Kevin of the Void was mentioned numerous times as a spin-off following Kevin's time in the Null Void. A rather transformative time, it was going to run through Kevin's life in the Null Void and afterward up until he would come to meet Ben and Gwen at the outset of Ben 10 Returns.

The Story of Hex

Though not much is known about The Story of Hex, it was mentioned earlier in Back in Action's run as an exploration of the character better known as X in Ben 10: Alien Universe. On 4/21/2019, the Progress Report mentioned a "Story worth telling about Hex."

See also

  • Clad in Darkness (a series featuring counterparts of Alien Universe characters and aliens, also written by Color)
  • Earth-69 (the timeline Alien Universe prominently takes place)
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