Alien Swap is the fourth episode of At Azmuth's College.


This episode happens on Earth, in Evfnye's secret HQ under an Italian restaurant. Evfnye, Sektor and Vektor are talking about the Sonorosian cybernetics, while Ben is in the same place and he listens as Echo Echo to improve his techniques. After that, Ben switches to Ditto to try out again another duplication alien. Improviously, a Techadon Weapon Master lands on the exit of the restaurant. After lots of panic by the customers, Ben, Evfnye, Sektor and Vektor calm everyone down, but the Techadon Weapon Master is looking for the Omnitrix. The Techadon Weapon Master looks at Ben, and tries to get the device, and then Niklas arrives on the scene, asking what the hell is happening. The Techadon Weapon Master accidentally shoots the cellular plasma and Evfnye and Niklas get synchronized with the Omnitrix. Evfnye gains the ability to detect sonic waves, while his brother now can self-duplicate. The Master gets away. Evfnye tries to find the correct frequency to contact Azmuth. When he does it, he explains everything. Azmuth arrives, then Ben presses the Omnitrix and turns Niklas into Wormhole and Evfnye into Gravattack. Then they find and defeat the Techadon Weapon Master, whose shio was find out to be unprepared to Jupiter's gravity. After that, Azmuth fixes the Omnitrix. Evfnye and Niklas get rid of their new abilities.

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Evfnye (to the customers):Niente panico, ci penso io! **(speaks Italian)**
Ben: You know Italian, too?
Evfnye:Oh come on, I've spent 18 years in Italy, think it's enough to learn it.

–"No panic, I'll care about that"

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