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Alien Origins
Creator Dreamer2Dusk
Co-Writers N/A
Artist(s) and Others Dreamer2Dusk
Seasons TBD
Episodes on going
Created on 2007-08
Rating TV-Y7
Preceded By N/A
Succeeded by Ageless (Next Gen/spin-off)

Alien Origins is a series by Dreamer2Dusk that follows Lennova Alirow, Emilei-Rose Anode, Exzill, Cora Ayxilla Lien, and friends as they find the secrets and origin of everything for life and the space-time continuum. It is supposed to have Undetermined seasons, and it was created back in 2007-08 but joined B10FF on 7/23/2019.


Inspired by Ben 10 and was originally a fanfiction of 12-13-year-old girl (AKA the author) that became its own separate thing but is still tied to Ben 10 universe in fanon.

Join a pair of sisters, and a pair half-siblings along with their friends as they try to find out the secrets of the universe, multiverse, and the true origin of life and the space-time continuum.


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  • Axzell Aygxill Lien
  • Feliners
  • Vexus Void
  • Xavier



  • Fanon version is in the same universal timeline.
  • This series ties into Get Animated which is the new fanon version.
  • It exists within my version of Dimension 0.
  • the Spin-off Bio-tech came to me based on a dream I once had.
  • Ageless is more Powerpuff Girls inspired/based than Ben 10 inspired/based.
  • More Fun facts coming soon...
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