Alien Matrix


Lord Caesar






Action Adventure Science Fiction

Alien Matrix is a series written by Lord Caesar and is a spin-off of the Ben 10 series. It takes place after the end of Ben 10: Omniverse.


The series stars a teenager named Simon Masterson, who is mysteriously experimented on and given the ability to turn into various alien species at will, similar to that of the Omnitrix. After these events, he begins a new life by going to a new high school, trying to make friends, and ultimately get his act together after recent events. But he soon finds himself in a crossroads when he realizes he can use his newfound powers to help people, while making new enemies that may harm the well-being of his loved ones.


The series consists of 4 seasons, each containing 13 episodes (52 episodes in total), along with a TV movie. They are each divided into story arcs, similar to Ben 10: Omniverse, and each oversees Simon's development into a hero.

Season 1: A New Hero is Born

Season 2: Power and Responsibilty

Season 3: Sins of the Past

Season 4: War of the Worlds


Ultimate Forms

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