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15 Miles from Pokke village, China. Universe-27.

Garreth: Get that Rathian in the trap!

Lucile: On it!

Garreth and Lucile circled the Rathian, a green, female wyvern that stands at roughly 15 feet. Between them and the wyvern, is a Shock Trap: simply a small device that sends out an immensely strong electric charge in a 10 foot radius. Enough to momentarily paralyze a wyvern.

Lucile: Come on you old hag, just a few more feet.

The Rathian was hesitant to approach the trap, as she had previously seen her friends fall into similar traps. But alas, the Rathian charged for Lucile, and was subdued, giving Garreth enough time to inject the beast with a massive amount of Dragon Tranquilizer.

Garreth: Well, that wasn't so bad, was it Lucy?

Lucile: For my first Rathian hunt, I'd say it went pretty well boss.

Garreth and Lucile headed back to Pokke village with their spoils, and feasted on their victory.


Garreth and Lucile make their way back to their cottage after the feast.

Lucile: Wow---that--was *hiccup* fun. We should drink more!!!!

Garreth: Lucile.... You're drunk. You need to sleep. The last thing you need is another drink.

Lucile: Fine but at least let me look at that thing youve been hiding from me since we dismembered the Rathian.

Garreth found a Rathian Ruby inside of the Rathian they killed. This rare gem only forms once in every hundred Rathians.

Garreth: Maybe later. You really should get some sleep.

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