It is the pilot of Life in Omniverse. The next episode is Mall Man


 Ult. Cannonbolt is seen talking to wildvine

Ult. Cannonblot:So, then, my DNA got downloaded into a SIM card, which got plugged into this matrix thingy. Unlike the other aliens, who came in a pod, I was my pod! Cool, huh?

Wildvine:Yeah. I remember my pod. It's filled with plants and fruits and stuff inside, and it's cozy.It's in the Pod yard.

All of the sudden, XLR8 zooms towards them.

XLR8: Guys!Guys! New Aliens comining in!Power Park now!


Later at the park...........

A few pods like the one in And Then There Were Ten are scattered everywhere. One of them opens.


All Aliens from the original series plus clockwork:Feedback!!!!!

Everyone else:Huh?

Feedback:My DNA sample got absorbed but I'm back now!

Another pod opens.Bloxx comes out.

Grey Matter:Who are You, segmentasapien?

Everybody looks at him funny except for Bloxx.

Bloxx, bowing:That is my Species name. I am Bloxx.

Another pod opens and Gravattack comes out.Everyone looks at Grey Matter quizically.

Grey Matter, sighing:Galilean from Keplorr.

Gravattack, also bowing: I am Gravattack.

Ditto:Soooo, you have gravity powers?

Gravattack,sarcastically:No, I fart rainbows!

Ditto, shocked and awed:Seriously?

Gravattack:NOOOOO! I. Was. Being.SARCASTIC!

Another Pod opens!!(Dun-dun-dun!!!)Out comes Crashhopper.

Grey Matter:No. One. ASK!!!!!!!

Crashhopper in a small voice:I'm Crashhopper.

The ritual goes on with alot of yelling.The following aliens are introduced:

Ball Weevil


Pesky Dust


The Worst

Kickin' Hawk





New Ultimates:

Ultimate Grey Matter

Ultimate Articguana

Ultimate Gravattack



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