Alien 2 is an alien from Sol 10.

Alien 2
Quick Stats
Owner Sol
Body Featureless black humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Powers Vibrations
Debut It's Magic, You Know
Blur - Song 2

Blur - Song 2


Straight from Sol 10 because I'm too lazy to rewrite it:

“Laika, what’s this one called?” the new alien inquired. His body was pure black with white stripes that radiated through his body. His facial features and muscles were simple white outlines, aside from his eyes, which were pure white. His body was much more well-built than either Brightside or Foo Fighter. The Omnitrix was situated on the center of his back, which was exceptionally inconvenient.

Whenever Alien 2 exerts a large amount of rippling energy or vibrations, his muscles bulge outwards.


  • Alien 2's powers revolve around exerting energy that "vibrates" or "ripples". This rippling increases their power exponentially. Utilizing this method, Alien 2 has super strength.
  • Alien 2 can hover and fly.
  • Alien 2 can sense vibrations, movement, and sound.

Weaknesses and Limits

  • His powers are confusing to understand.
  • Alien 2 cannot channel vibrations or ripples through gases, only liquids and solids.
    • This means that Alien 2 must be touching a solid substance in order to use his abilities. In addition, if he wants to use his vibrations to target or sense an enemy, they must both be making contact with the same substance.
    • Alien 2's powers also weaken with the more substances they have to pass through with gaps between them. i.e. gravel.



  • Alien 2 is named after Song 2 by the band Blur. His powers are derived from the video for the song, where members of the band are flung around the set "when they feel heavy metal".
  • In universe, Alien 2 is named after the fact that he is the second alien used by Sol.
  • Alien 2's design was inspired by the Hamon technique to sense people through walls in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, as well as echolocation and Toph's earthbending skills from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
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