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Alice in Wonderland
General Information
Original broadcast April 5, 2019
Season 1
Episode number 17
Overall episode number 17
Written by Ebomnitrix, Runny & TranswiththePlans
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Alice in Wonderland is the seventeenth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Alice and friends are assigned to report a story for their Media Writing class. But along the way, Alice becomes confused about what to do with her life as she sees both her friend groups all have their own goals.


E-10 - In the Middle of the City

[The scene opened with a close up view of unwrinkled navy sheets whose straight shape was abolished by the presence of a person underneath. Light filtered through the window overhead. The view cut to a close up of a digital alarm clock. The time was 6:29am, then it suddenly switched to 6:30am. Suddenly, a slender hand struck the top of it just as the alarm went off. Alice rose out of her blanket and stretched.]

Alice: Ah... Another day, another dawn.

[Alice hopped off of her bed and tucked in the sheets. She walked across her spotless carpet flooring to a wooden chair and pulled it out from under a desk of the same design decorated with a laptop, books, and a pencil holder, which were all neatly arranged. On the chair were her clothes for the day. Later, Alice stepped into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and closed the door. Moments later, Alice stepped out with one towel wrapped around her, and another on her head. She grabbed her phone to see she got a text from a group chat. It appeared to be a good morning Bitmoji, and she smiled, replying with hers. The next shot showed her walking into the kitchen, clothes on, hair brushed, and makeup done. At the kitchen stand, she grabbed the remote and turned the TV on from the living room as she poured herself a bowl of cereal.]

Newscaster: In other news, the alien sightings have appeared once again in Northern California, as the local diamondheaded hero strikes again. This time, it was spotted saving a group of construction workers from another alien creature and a falling construction tower. We don’t know who these creatures are or where they keep coming from, but they seem to be here to help.

[Alice grabbed her cereal bowl and smirked.]

Alice: Same old Ethan.

[She stepped out of the kitchen into the living room, placing her bowl on the table and began flipping channels. The view changed to an overhead shot of the table, slowly zooming into a piece of paper lying by her remote.]


E-10 OP 1 - Spiky Seeds - The Pillows
My Foot - The Pillows (E-10 Cut)

[Later that day, we entered inside a classroom inside the Horizon campus. Alice walked inside and sat down next to her group of friends as they were waiting for class to start.]

Cassie, Alexia: Hey, Alice!

May: Hey!

Alice: Hi, guys.

[As Alice opened her bag to place her necessary materials, Alexia spoke to her.]

Alexia: Alice! Did you finish the assignment due today?

Cassie: Of course she did, Alexia… it’s Alice.

May: Cassie! That’s rude!

Cassie: Shut up, May.

Alexia: Anyways... do you think that I could… maybe… sorta kinda… check our answers before the lesson starts?

Alice: You didn’t do it, did you?

Alexia: Of course I did! Why else would I be asking to check answers with you if I don’t even have any answers in the first place?

Cassie: She didn’t do it.

Alexia: Cassie!

Cassie: Sorry for bothering you, Alice.

Alice: It’s fine…

May: No, it’s not! Cassie shouldn’t be the one to apologize! Apologize to Alice, Alexia!

Alexia: Sorry, Alice…

Professor Baldi: Mhm. Mhm. I think that’s all of them. Now.

[We cut to the professor shuffling papers and placing them on his desk.]

Professor Baldi: I know that all of you have been working hard this semester, and I wanna say I’m really proud of you. But there’s just one more big assignment I’d like you guys to do before exams.

[The students groaned in unison. The professor grabbed another stack of papers and passed them out row to row.]

Professor Baldi: For Media Writing, I’d like you guys to go out and report field work. Every good journalist knows, to get the best stories, you must be right out at the action, and that is what I’d like you all to do for this assignment. All of the instructions are provided in the packet, as well as all of the questions asked by previous students.

[A student raised their hand.]

Professor Baldi: I just said all your questions have been asked by previous students. Read the packet.

[The student flipped through the packet, read a page, and slowly put their hand down.]

Professor Baldi: That is all. I’ve decided to be generous and give you the day to work. So, class dismissed.

[The song shifted. The scene shifted to Alice and her friends walking outside the building, talking amongst each other.]

Sharing is Caring (Ep 17)

Alexia: We have another assignment?! I barely finished the last one!

Cassie: You didn’t finish the last one.

Alexia: Exactly!

Alice: Don’t worry, Alexia. I can help you with this. It doesn’t seem too hard.

Alexia: Oh, thank you, Alice! I don’t understand anything in this packet…

May: Good luck, Alice. We’ve tried helping Alexia, but…

Cassie: She’s pretty thick.

May: Cassie! At least choose a less hurtful phrase!

Cassie: Pretty dumb?

May: That’s worse!

Alice: [Laughs] It’s okay. We can all work together! It’s not due until next Monday, right?

Alexia: Yeah, right!

Cassie: I don’t mind.

May: Sure! When should we start?

Alice: Um… I’m free tonight, if that’s alright with you three?

Alexia: Sure! We can meet up at the mall. They just opened up this new sushi restaurant down by the food court. It looks freaking amazing!

Alice: Oh, alright! I’ll see if another one of my friends is available to hang with us.

May: Is it that Ethan boy you’re always with?

[Alice’s face turns red, and all the other girls giggle.]

Alice: Let’s just change the subject! So, uh what are you gonna do with your major?

Cassie: Well, I’m hoping with my media major, I can become a broadcasting journalist. It’s always been my dream to be on TV.

May: I still can’t believe that’s your dream, Cassie. You don’t even like talking to us half of the time.

[Cassie glared at May.]

May: Okay, sorry… Anyways, I’m hoping that with my architecture major, I can help people in other countries by building some form of housing for them!

Alexia: I want to help people with occupational therapy, make them feel satisfied and fulfilled...what about you, what’re going into?

Alice: Truth be told, I really don’t know.

May: What?! You’ve been here for a full year and you still don’t know yet?

Alice: I know, I know, but I’ve been...busy with a lot of stuff.

Alexia: What kind of stuff?

Alice: problems? [Eyes glance to the side.]

[To their surprise, Ethan ran over toward the girls, and began to pant.]

Ethan: Hey! [Pants]

Alice: Oh, hey Ethan.

[The girls give her a knowing looks. Alice turned red, then cleared her throat and began speaking calmly.]

Alice: What’s up?

Ethan: I was going to ask if you wanted to do homework together tonight. There’s a big test coming up and I could sort of use a hand with.

Alice: Can’t you just get your speedy friend to help you?

Ethan: Yeah… about that...

Alice: He blew everything out the window again, didn’t he?

Ethan: Yeah…

Alice: Tell you what, I’ll help you out tomorrow once classes are done.

Ethan: Hmm… alright. Well if you need me, I’ll be with Terence and Hannibal. They wanted to try out this new drone that Hannibal bought.

Alice: Really? Sounds fun.

Ethan: Yeah. Well, catch you later, Alice!

[Ethan ran off and the other girls glanced at Alice. Alice turned to notice them giving her a look, and her face began to turn red.]

Alice: What?

Alexia: You like him!

Alice: What? No I don’t! Why are you guys focusing so much on this? Mind your own business!

[Alexia, Cassie and May gave Alice a smirk, as she turned away and blushed.]

Alice: [Sigh] Let’s just get going…

[The song ended. The scene shifted to nightfall, and we cut to the four girls where they were walking inside Merri-Mall, as Cassie was finishing her story.]

Let's Watch the Sunset (Ep 17, Mall Scene)

Cassie: And so that’s why I don’t like Olive Garden.

Alexia: Ugh, yeah. That stuff is gross, and I feel like I’m eating really tasty salt whenever I eat there.

May: I like Olive Garden!

Alice: No one said you couldn’t, May.

May: I know, but still. Authentic Italian cuisine!

Cassie: ...I’m not too sure about that.

[Nikki walked up to the four.]

Nikki: Hey, Alice!

Alice: Hey! Glad you made it.

Nikki: Yeah, well after all the work I’m putting on, I could use a break. [Turns to the three.] You three are from Alice’s media writing class, right?

Cassie: Yeah, I’m-

Alexia: I’m Alexia, that’s Cassie, and she’s May.

Nikki: Ah, nice to meet ya! Now, we getting sushi or what?

Alexia: You bet we are, let’s go!

[The five were walking down the mall lanes as they proceeded to head for the sushi restaurant. A minor montage began as the five hung out inside where they laughed and were enjoying each other’s company. The scene segments to the five exploring the shops. May kept looking at expensive jewelry while Alexia and Cassie dragged her back, with Nikki and Alice facepalming in shame. They explored other shops and tried out sunglasses and clothes. Alice was then sitting down on a chair in the fitting room, while Alexia, Cassie and May finished stepped out as they were trying on dresses.]

Alexia: What do you think, don’t you think this brings out my eyes!

Nikki: Oh yeah, for sure girl.

May: I don’t know how I feel about this one. [Looks at the red dress she is wearing.]

Cassie: Looks pretty okay.

May: That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me… what do you think, Alice?

[Alice was lost in her mind, as her eyes were glanced to the side, looking at a mirror.]

May: Alice!

[Alice turned to the group.]

Alice: Yeah? What?

Cassie: May was asking how her dress was?

Alice: Oh, it looks great on you!

Alexia: You okay, Alice?

Alice: Yeah, I’m fine. I was just thinking about some stuff, that’s all! Hey, let’s go try out that new Forever 21 down by Macy’s.

Nikki: But that’s like on the other side of the mall?!

Alexia, Cassie, May: WE’RE IN!

[The scene transitioned to the girls walking down the mall lanes. Cassie, Alexia and May were speaking amongst themselves up front while Alice was walking with a blank look on her face. Nikki walked beside her.]

Nikki: What’s up with you?

Alice: Oh, nothing.

Nikki: C’mon Alice, there’s no hiding from me.

Alice: [Sigh] Well, it’s just, I’ve been at Horizon for almost a year now, and after everything I’ve been through this year, I still haven’t figured out what I’ve wanted to with my life.

Nikki: You’ll figure it out, Alice. Everybody does. Don’t stress about it too much.

Alice: Yeah I know, but when I look at you guys and my other friends, you seem to have everything figured out. Like any problem that comes at you, it’s like nothing to you.

Nikki: That’s not entirely true… In fact, I’m still trying to figure out my feelings for Hannibal.

Alice: Wait, Hannibal? Don’t tell me you two are-

Nikki: No! But he did confess his to me.

Alice: That’s great!

Nikki: I guess, if you wanna look at it that way?

Alice: So, what are you going to do?

Nikki: Well, I think I’ve made up my mind, but I’m still unsure if it’s the right thing to do.

Alice: It’s like you said, you’ll figure out what to do, just like how I’ll figure out what I’m going to do with my life.

Nikki: Right. And listen, Alice, it’s your choice what you want to do with your life, so don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. You have all the time in the world to figure that out!

Alice: Thanks.

Nikki: Don’t mention it.

Alice: Now if only we could get started on that assignment...

Nikki: You’re worrying about that now?

Alice: No offense, but my friends are the ones who always like to put things off until the last minute.

Nikki: Like, Ethan?

Alice: Pretty much. In fact, this is a group assignment, so they’re going to pretty much have me do most of the work.

Nikki: Want me to say something?

Alice: No, it’s fine. I just need to think of something. Our professor wants us to do field work and I haven’t gotten the inspiration for it yet.

Nikki: I’m sure you’ll figure this out. Honestly, I can’t believe you’ve been patient to do all this work for them. That really shows you’re gonna be something, Alice.

Alice: Nah, no way!

Nikki: Yeah way. But for real, I believe you’ll be able to get through this in no time. There’s got to be something around that’ll get you inspired. You just need to open your eyes and see for yourself what’s really in front of you.

[As Nikki was finishing her line of dialogue, Alice took a peak at a magazine hanging from the wall, as the cover showed a group of people investigating a crime scene. She gazed at the cover, as sparkles appeared in her eyes.]

Alice: Yeah, I think I just might…

[Meanwhile from above the glass ceiling, an intangible creature was staring at Alice. From its perspective we saw Alice going back to talking to the other girls and laughing. The creature then flew away from the scene into the night sky.]

Welcome to the Hills - E-10 Cut

[The next day, Alice walked downstairs to turn on the TV as she prepared for breakfast.]

Newscaster: Reports are coming in, of another creature-sighting in Northern California. This time, it’s a giant blue moth-like creature. Nothing like it has been seen before. Just earlier last night, it ate up chunks of metal in downtown Holt and later this morning, devouring more in Rainberry Street in Merridale. No one knows where these creatures keep coming from, but we do know that one thing is certain, this probably won’t be the last one.

[Alice glared at the TV, and the scene shifted to inside the halls of a building at Horizon Arts. Ethan was walking down the hall as he was heading for class while he messed with his Omnitrix. Alice ran over to approach Ethan.]

Alice: Hey, Ethan. Did you hear? There’s some giant flying moth-like creature eating metal.

Ethan: Yeah I know, I heard about it on the news this morning.

Alice: So you were watching it, too?

Ethan: Well they don’t play any good cartoons in the mornings anymore. And I’m not the biggest fan of scrolling through my phone first thing in the day.

Alice: Are you going to go after it?

Ethan: I went Wildmutt and investigated the crime scene this morning. I tried to follow its scent...

Alice: But…

Ethan: I got nothing. I asked the SACT to see if they could find anything.

Alice: I bet they stored away critical trivia.

Ethan: But they’ll let me know if they- Wait, did you just re-acronymize SACT?

Alice: If you mean, I made a new acronym for the organization you work for, then yes I did.

Ethan: [Nose exhales] Wow... Well, I just wanted to ask, are you still free to study this afternoon?

Alice: You betcha.

Ethan: Sweet! Thanks, Alice. it really means a lot.

Alice: Just trying to help out like anyone else would. Besides, knowing you, you’d do the same for me.

Ethan: Oh big time… if I actually had brains.

Alice: Oh, stop!

Ethan: Well anyway, I got a class to get to, so I’ll see ya later.

Alice: Later!

[Ethan walked off and Alice glanced to the side and checked the time.]

Alice: Actually, I should get started on my project…

[The song ended.]

Another Day at Horizon - Episode 17

[The scene shifted to Alice sitting by the computers in the library. Alice was searching for crime scene ideas. She became frustrated and irritated, and moved her fist against her cheek. She sighed with annoyance. From the other side of the table, Terence popped his head out.]

Terence: Hey, do you mind? Some of us are trying to- Oh, hey, Alice.

Alice: Hey, sorry.

Terence: Nah, you’re good.

[Terence continued his work as he heard Alice continue to groan. Terence became irritated with and a vein popped out of his head. He pushed his seat back with annoyance.]

Terence: I’m going to regret this.

[Terence walked over to Alice’s side.]

Terence: So, how can I help you with whatever is making you groan so much? [To himself] And preventing me from working on my contrast aligning project.

Alice: What?

Terence: Nothing!

Alice: Well, if you must know, I’m trying to research on different kinds of crime scenes Terence: Why?

Alice: It’s for my media writing project. They want us to report on a fictional or real crime scene, and report it like its actual news. I only have until Monday to do this, and if I can’t get my group to cooperate or get it done myself, then I’m just going to fail the assignment and get so mad to the point I’ll just scream!

Terence: I didn’t ask you for details, I just wanted to know the problem.

[Alice pouted her face and gave him an irritated look.]

Alice: You’re the one who asked…

Terence: Move over…

[Alice stepped aside and Terence bent over and scrolled through the desktop through touchscreen. After a moment, Terence tapped one more button on the keyboard and stepped back.]

Terence: There.

Alice: Yeah, I tried looking there.

Terence: Really? Try this.

[Terence tapped another button on the keyboard and a new search showed up.]

Alice: Oh. I didn’t see this.

Terence: Yep,, it’s got all the things you need! Different kinds of crime scenes, where to report it, when to report it.

Alice: What? How do you know about this site?

Terence: I’m just good at Googling. That and a friend asked me for help on this once.

Alice: That’s great, thanks Terence!

Terence: No problem.

[Terence walked back to his seat.]

Terence: And if you need anymore help… [Sits down with an irritated look.] Don’t talk to me.

[Terence moved his head back down as Alice laughed nervously with a sweat drop on her face. Alice then turned to the website and examined it.]

Alice: Actually, this might have exactly what I need...

[A couple hours later, Alice had just left the library as she lifted up the strap from her bag. Alice move forward for Ethan to run up to her. The song ended.]

Ethan: Hey, Alice.

Alice: Hey. Sorry that took so long.

Ethan: No problem. So, you ready for the studying ses-sh?

Alice: Yeah, sure thing. But do you mind if we do it at my place?

Ethan: Um, sure. Although I can’t XLR8 us there since, well…

[Ethan raised his arm, revealing the Omnitrix was recharging.]

Alice: No problem, my place isn’t too far from here.

Ethan: Sweet!

[We cut to Alice opening the door to her apartment.]

Sneaking on Alice - Ep 17

Alice: Here we are.

[Alice stepped inside, but then turned to notice Ethan was still standing at the front of the door.]

Alice: Uh, you coming in?

Ethan: Oh right.

[Ethan walked inside and noticed how clean and organized her room was.]

Ethan: Wow, this place is… very organized, almost spotless.

Alice: Yeah, I’m a bit of a neat freak. Hey, since my computer and stuff is in my room, why don’t we chill in there?

[Ethan gulped and began to sweat.]

Ethan: Okay…

[Alice and Ethan walked inside her room. Alice took notice to how Ethan was acting nervous.]

Alice: Is something wrong?

Ethan: No! It’s just… [Blushing] I’ve never actually been to a girl’s place before, or in their bedroom…

[Alice blushed.]

Alice: Well, relax, it’s not like I’m going to do anything, you perv! [Glances out to the side] Just get out your books, okay?

Ethan: Right, right… Totally… yeah…

[The song ended. Ethan sat his bag down, opened the zipper, and removed his books from his bag, and Ethan sat down on the ground, while Alice sat in her chair activating her desktop. Moments later, Ethan became bored with his textbook and noticed Alice was typing on a Microsoft Word doc. Ethan stood up and attempted to sneak up on her. Ethan raised out his hand. Alice saw Ethan in the reflection of the computer screen and smacked Ethan’s hand.]

Ethan: Ah!

Alice: Don’t do that! You know I hate that!

Ethan: Sorry… So, whatcha doing anyway?

Alice: Trying to come up with a story for my Media Writing project.

Ethan: Oh, cool! What’s it about?

Alice: I don’t fully know yet. But we have to write a script and report the story out in public like we’re reporting the news and all that.

Ethan: Huh, that’s interesting. Why don’t we use me and my alien adventures for a story?

Alice: Maybe, but it’s not like the teacher really knows your secret.

Ethan: He doesn’t have to. All you have to do is talk about the aliens, not me.

Alice: I guess...

Ethan: Relax! I can help you out.

Alice: I don’t know…

Ethan: C’mon! I know about this stuff better than anyone! Look, with all that you’ve done for me, let me help you for once.

Alice: You know what? Why not. Go ahead, Ethan.

Story, Suspicion (Ethan Attempts Alice's Story)

Ethan: Mhm. How about we start with… the Mechadroid at Horizon?

Alice: That’s not really an alien attack though… what about the plant monster? No, she wasn’t an alien either…

Ethan: You don’t just have to talk about the attacks, nor do they have to be alien. Just talk about how often I save the day from some bad guy or whatever.

Alice: Sure. But I can’t only talk about the moments I was there for. It would be too obvious that I had a connection with them. And that could lead back to you.

Ethan: Not really, as long as you’re careful. Here, let me take a crack at it.

[Alice stepped aside and Ethan sat in her chair and started typing.]

Ethan: This just in, the strongest defender of Earth has just easily foiled a rogue college professor’s plan for world domination.

Alice: Now you’re just gloating about yourself...

[Ethan rolled his eyes and continued.]

Ethan: After a handsome student uncovered his malicious schemes, the student tried his best to stop him, but was wrongly framed for breaking into the library after hours.

Alice: I don’t know if people are going to buy that.

Ethan: And then he contacted the strongest hero to ever roam these earthly planes...

Alice: That’s improper use of grammar...

Ethan: And like a bolt of lightning, the hero descended from the skies...

Alice: That doesn’t even make sense!

Ethan: The hero nearly cremated the professor’s form with his flames of justice...

Alice: How is that realistic?

Ethan: And cleared the name of the student!

Alice: Why don’t you go back and try to spice it up?

Ethan: Hang on, I’m almost done! And then the hero fought the magician again, and won with no sweat!

Alice: Ethan, if you can just let me-

Ethan: And even after the magician mutated some students...

Alice: Ethan…

Ethan: Our alien savior saves the day and-


[Ethan stopped and turned to Alice as she continued to snap at him.]

Alice: I can’t believe I allowed you to help, you can’t even form a proper sentence! If you would just slow down and put more thought into what you’re saying instead of typing down words, you would see what you’re saying sounds ridiculous and made of nonsense! How are you ever going to achieve something in life if you continue to keep acting this way? You freaking idiot!

[The song ended. Ethan gave her a shocked look and Alice’s eyes widened and she gasped. She covered her mouth and took a step back with tears flowing through her eyes.]

Alice: Ethan… I’m sorry… I...

Ethan: No, it’s… it’s fine… I’ll.. just step back and let you do what you want.

[Ethan stepped away from her desktop and stood to the side with a sad look on his face.]

Alice: Okay…

[Alice stepped back onto her desktop and Ethan continued back to his book.]

Ethan: I just have to ask... [Turns to her] Where did that come from?

Alice: I don’t know… I-

E-10 - The Ortus (Short)

[They heard an explosion go off in the background. Ethan ran over to the living room and peaked out the window. He saw the Robots of Dimension 12 attacking down the street.]

Ethan: Oh great, it’s the robots again!

[Alice approached behind him.]

Alice: Are you serious?

Ethan: Yeah, I better go. [Grabs bag] With those things around, it means a whole mess of trouble, and another mess to clean up. They’ve probably taken half the block by now.

[As Ethan turned the dial, he noticed Alice was looking away.]

Ethan: Are you sure you’re okay?

Alice: I’m fine. Go, they need you.

Ethan: Right. Listen, I’m sorry about before and that we didn’t get to finish our study session. I’ll uh… See ya later!

[Ethan stepped outside, closed the door, and a green light flashed from the peaks of the doorway.]

XLR8: XLR8!!!

[She heard him speed off to fight outside and Alice walked back to her bedroom.]

Alice: Guess I better continue my assignment.

[The song ended. Offscreen, Alice stepped inside and realized something.]

Alice: Wait a minute, Did he leave his books here again? Ugh…

[The scene shifted to nightfall where Alice was sleeping in her bedroom. She began tossing and turning, until a white light blinded the screen.]

E-10 - Alice's Memories

[Soon, everything faded to the colors of black and white. A younger Alice was sitting on a desk learning how to write on paper. She was practicing writing in cursive, but her mother pushed her pencil away.]

Alice’s Mother: What are you doing? That is poor penmanship. Nobody’s going to be able to read what you write unless you put all your effort into it! Do you want people think you’re useless?

Young Alice: [Crying] No, I…

Alice’s Mother: Then you better stop crying and get back to work!

[In a bright white light, the scene shifted to Alice was practicing playing the piano. Alice tapped the wrong key.]

Alice’s Mother: Again!

Young Alice: But, Mommy, I’ve been playing for 3 whole hours!

Alice’s Mother: You aren’t getting a break until you’ve mastered that piece! Now keep playing!

[Alice turned back to the piano, wiped her tears, and resumed. The scene shifted to Alice handing her mother baked cookies she made from her play oven.]

Young Alice: Hey mommy, I made a snack for you to help you keep your concentration!

Alice’s Mother: Mommy’s busy right now, sweetheart.

Young Alice: But, Mommy?

Alice’s Mother: Dammit, Alice, I said not now!

[She pushed the plate aside and it fell onto the floor, the young Alice started crying.]

Alice’s Mother: I don’t have time to deal with one of your childish games! Some of us have to work for a living.

[Everything turned white and Alice eventually woke up, and sat up from her bed gasping for air. She rubbed her cheek and realized she was crying again. She wiped her eyes and grabbed her phone. She saw the time, looked at Ethan’s number, and took a deep breath. The song ended.]

E-10 - Everyone are Friends

[Meanwhile, Ethan was sitting in his bedroom wearing his PJs and on his laptop. He heard his phone ring and turned to see Alice was calling him. Ethan answered.]

Ethan: Hello?

Alice: Hey, Ethan.

Ethan: Huh? What are you doing up so late?

Alice: I should be asking the same to you.

Ethan: Oh, you know, just casually chilling and browsing on the internet.

Alice: Listen, I wanted to say I’m sorry for snapping at you earlier.

Ethan: No, it’s okay, really.

Alice: No, it’s not. It’s just, I was raised to have everything done in a precise way, and then I started putting that on you, and I started acting like my mother and I didn’t realize that you were only trying to help. I-

Ethan: Hey, don’t worry so much about what your mom wants. Focus on what you want, and worry about all the boring details later.

Alice: [Smirks] Funny, coming from the guy who slacks off in college.

Ethan: I’m serious, just be you and have fun with it. Even when you’re telling a story, don’t focus too much on the details. Sometimes you just gotta go out there and find it yourself.

[Alice paused for a moment and widened her eyes, surprised by what he said.]

Ethan: Alice, you still there?

Alice: Yeah. Listen, I gotta catch some sleep but I’ll see you tomorrow.

Ethan: Sure thing. Later.

Alice: Oh, and Ethan, just one more thing.

Ethan: Hmm?

Alice: Thank you.

[Alice hung up and the scene faded to black.]

[The next day, outside Horizon Arts. Hannibal sat down camera equipment, as Alice approached Alexia, Cassie and May.]

Alice: Listen up girls, I’ve got an idea for the story!

Cassie: Oh, really?

May: Wow!

Alexia: What is it?

Alice: We’re going to go out to find and shoot a story ourselves!

Alexia: Ourselves?!

Alice: That’s right! We’re going to out into town, and we’re not going to stop until we have one good story to share for our project! I asked Hannibal here to tag along with us and be our cameraman.

Hannibal: Hey!

Alice: So what do you say, girls? Are you ready to search for the unknown?

Alexia, May: Yeah!

Cassie: Sure.

It's Action Time - Episode 17 (Alice Searches For A Story!)

[A montage began as Alice, Hannibal, Cassie, May and Alexia had entered the city. They stepped out of the car and looked around the constant traffic on the sidewalks. Alice, wearing a blue jacket over her white collared shirt and a dark colored skirt, raised her fist and smiled with a motivated look on her face. From Hannibal’s camera’s perspective, Alice grabbed a mic and began reporting on the sidewalks.]

Alice: We’re here live in Downtown Merridale, where traffic continues to flow in the streets.

Hannibal: Hey! I think I see something!

[Alice turned around to see a car was diving out of the streets and headed right towards them. The girls screamed as they ran out of the way. The footage cuts. The next scene, Alice is reporting outside a fountain.]

Alice: I’m Alice, live from Merryway Park, and we’re here to discover the secrets to this ancient fountain titled, “The Fountain of Ooo”. Stupid name, I know.

[Hannibal zooms up on the fountain where Alice stood nearby.]

Alice: This fountain has been sitting here for hundreds of years, and it’s a marvel how this thing is still running. It was dedicated to the state’s former superintendent. They say he was so close to this fountain that he wanted to be buried by it. Apparently, if you listen closely, you can hear him try to speak to you.

[Alexia put her ears close to the fountain and water squirted right in her face. She screamed. The scene shifted to them running away from an angry reporter.]

Reporter: Get back here!

[Hannibal turned the camera aiming towards the reporter chasing after them.]

Reporter: I’m going to make you pay for destroying my equipment!

[The scene shifted to the group hiding near an alleyway.]

May: Is it safe?

Alice: I think we lost him..

Hobo: Hey-o kiddies!

[The girls screamed. The scene transitioned to Alice and the group standing by a hot dog stand.]

Alice: We’re here live in Merridale, where we are trying out Barry’s Hot Dog Stand that just opened up. And I have to say, these are the greatest hot dogs on the planet!

[May, Alexia, and Cassie were cheering for the hot dogs.]

Hannibal: Say something for us, Barry!

Barry: Come try my new hot dogs, down on Lebanon’s Street!

Alice: Trust me, you don’t wanna miss this!

[The scene transitioned to Hannibal making weird sounds to test out the audio.]

Cassie: Do you mind, Hannibal?!

Hannibal: What? I’m just testing out the audio to see if I can get improve the sound quality!

Alice: Well you better get it done soon, we still have more stories to report!

[The hobo popped out of the bushes.]

Hobo: Hey, kiddies!

[All four of the girls screamed, and it cut to the girls running from the hobo.]

Hobo: Wait, I just wanted to talk to you!

[Hannibal turned over to see the reporter pointing at them.]

Reporter: Hey! You still owe me a lot of money!

Hannibal: Oh crap…

[The scene transitioned to hours later that evening. The song ended. The four girls were walking down the sidewalk and Cassie was holding the audio equipment.]

The Lost Genesect (E-10 Cut)

Alexia: Well, that was a mess…

May: We still haven’t gotten anywhere with our stories. How are we supposed to report it now?

Cassie: Hey, at least you’re not holding the camera equipment! Can’t believe Hannibal ditched us.

Alexia: He didn’t ditch us, he just had to go.

Alice: C’mon, guys, please. We still need to find our story, let’s not rush into arguing with each other. I’m sure we’ll find something eventually.

May, Alexia: Yeah…

Cassie: Uh-huh…

[Alice sighed and looked around the area. She saw a fenced area leading to an abandoned power plant.]

Alice: Hey, let’s try here.

Cassie: At that creepy place? Didn’t they say there was a robot attack here?

Alice: Which is why we’re going. It’s better than having nothing.

[The girls eyed each other and nodded in agreement. The scene shifted to Cassie setting up the camera. They looked around area to spot scorch marks and holes in the ground, there were few small scraps of robotic parts scattered on the ground, and that the generator nearby was turned off.]

Alexia: Oooh! This is the perfect setting! We’re definitely going to get a story here.

Alice: All set, Cassie?

Cassie: Yeah! Just give me a few seconds.

[The scene changed to Cassie’s camera perspective. The song ended.]

Cassie: Ready? [Alice nodded] And… we’re rolling!

Alice: Hi, Alice Lucinda here, bringing you back for more! We’re live at an abandoned power plant down just by Baxter Road, where they say there was an alien robot attack over six months ago! I know that sounds crazy, but Merridale has been full of crazy since the alien sightings showed up! They say a four armed creature arrived on the scene where he stopped the invading fleet from taking over the Earth. Just take a look at these busted robot parts on the ground. He must’ve had a tough time fending off these robots.

Alexia: You know, for some hero who saved the entire city, he sure knows how to leave a mess. And how do you know it’s a he?

Alice: That’s just my assumption.

Alexia: And what if it was a girl?

May: No girl would leave such a mess!

Alexia: That’s not true. My cousin, Mary, leaves a mess all the time! She never cleans up after herself!

Alice: Guys please, can we just focus on the story…

May: I’ve never seen a lady leave a mess like this. No girl would ever do that.

Alexia: Oh yeah? Why don’t you come over sometime and witness the madness yourself!

Found 'Em & the SACT Attacks!

[The sound of an explosion appeared nearby.]

Cassie: What was that?

[She turned the camera over to where a blue-moth like creature, being the Psycholeopterran from before, arriving on the scene. The girls gasped. The Psycholeopterran turned to them, but stopped as SACT soldiers arrived shooting at it. It floated away in fright. The soldiers continued firing but the creature turned intangible to dodge the attacks. An SACT soldier appeared.]

SACT Soldier: Get out of here, it’s not safe!

[Its long tongue grabbed the soldier and it threw the him back into the others.]

Cassie: I’m getting out of here!

May: Yeah!

[May, Cassie and Alexia made a run for it, while Alice stood at the creature.]

Alice: Wait, I remember you… You’re that alien from that robot crab’s ship.

[Alice slowly approached the Psycholeopterran as it did nothing to her. The soldiers stopped firing as Alice stood closer to it. A soldier reacted in panic.]

SACT Soldier: Shoot it! Shoot it! Before it takes the girl!

[They brought up their weapons and continued firing. Alice and the Psycholeopterran noticed the bullets were headed towards them. Alice screamed until a blue blur grabbed her in time and pulled her away from the action. The blue blur was revealed to be XLR8.]

XLR8: Alice! What are you doing here?

Alice: I was working on my reporting assignment, until you and your crew interrupted my story!

XLR8: Sorry. Now, wait here… I gotta finish that thing before it takes anyone else out!

[XLR8 turned around and prepared to run toward the Psycholeopterran.]

Alice: Wait! [XLR8 turned around.] That creature, its harmless!

XLR8: Harmless?! It just tried to eat me an hour ago!

Alice: It’s reacting out of fear! Ethan, that’s the same creature the robot crab kept on his ship. It doesn’t want to hurt anybody. Please…

[XLR8 smiled and changed back into Ethan in a green light.]

Ethan: Alright, you stay back from the action. I’m going to try and contain that thing!

[Alice ran away from the scene and Ethan tapped the button on the Omnitrix, he turned the dial a few times from XLR8 to Diamondhead to Ghoulseye’s icon. Ethan popped up the Omnitrix core and slammed down.]

[GHOULSEYE TRANSFORMATION: Ethan spun around as a cloak formed around him. Soon, a blue spirit-like aura left his body, turning green. Pink armor grew around purple plating from his right arm to his chest to Ethan’s head as he spun around. Ghoulseye floated in the air striking a pose. A green light blinded the screen.]

[The SACT soldiers continued firing until Ghoulseye flew past them.]

Ghoulseye: HOLD YOUR FIRE! I got this!

[The Psycholeopterran looked up at Ghoulseye, as Ghoulseye prepped a bow from his cloak. An arrow flew out from the star on his belly. Ghoulseye aimed the arrow at the curious Psycholeopterran.]

Ghoulseye: NET OF SPOOK!

[Ghoulseye fired the arrow, and it transformed into a net made up of spirit energy. The Psycholeopterran tried phasing through the net, but it was trapped. Ghoulseye stood at a normal stance. The Psycholeopterran began screeching and struggled to break free. The song ended. The scene shifted to the SACT headquarters as the Psycholeopterran was resting while locked inside a cage with cold air flowing through it. Alice, Ethan and Lieutenant Steel stood at the other side of the glass.]

Lieutenant Steel: That thing is a Psycholeopterran, its known to create a red patternized powder and tries to hypnotize whatever comes in contact with it. It can also turn intangible to phase itself out of any situation.

Alice: How do you know all of this?

Where the Ortus Bloom (E-10, Ep 8 Cut)

Lieutenant Steel: When a ship crashed down here a few decades ago, we researched everything we could find on the ship, and found an alien database that helps us know what we’re fighting up against. I also fought one of these things before.

Ethan: Oh, is that all?

Lieutenant Steel: According to our resources, it comes from the cold planet, Kylmyys. It feeds off from cold air to power itself so it can fight against their prey, a species known as a Necrofriggian. To be honest, I’m surprised it didn’t try to attack you, Alice. Why is that?

Alice: I don’t know, it didn’t try to attack me before when we were on that crab’s ship. Maybe in some way it has a psychological bond with me.

Ethan: Maybe it’s because of your caring nature or your orange-red hair. It does shoot out red powder, maybe it found it more comfortable to be around because you wear red.

Alice: That’d be funny if that were true. To be honest, I think it’s a girl. Because if it was a guy, it would’ve tried to attack me right away.

Ethan: You think?

Lieutenant Steel: That is a possibility...

Alice: What are you going to do with it?

Lieutenant Steel: I don’t know… There’s not much else to do it but keep it locked up here and use it for research to prevent any safety hazards. Why?

Alice: It’s just… I’d like to keep it.

Lieutenant Steel: What!?

Ethan: Alice, are you sure?

Alice: Yes! She could be a good asset to us. Plus, she was trapped on that ship for who knows how long! She’s probably lonely and scared.

[The Psycholeopterran floated up to her and pressed one of its legs on the glass. Alice put her hand on the same area.]

Alice: And if she’s as harmless as I think she is, then she needs someone to watch out for her. Sound familiar?

Ethan: [Smiles] I’m down if you are.

Lieutenant Steel: Are you sure? That thing’s going to be a big responsibility.

Alice: Yeah, I’m sure. Although, I don’t think she’ll be able to fit in my apartment. Do you mind keeping her here for me?

Lieutenant Steel: I think we can arrange that.

Alice: What do you say… Hypnotick? Are you in!

[The Psycholeopterran made happy noises and she began to spin around everywhere as Alice laughed.]

Alice: Great, then you and I are going to best friends, I’m sure!

Lieutenant Steel: [Folds arms.] Hypnotick, huh?

Ethan: I guess she got the naming influence from me.

[The song ended.]

LiSA - Ring A Bell (E-10 Cut)

[The scene segmented to a few days later at the Horizon campus. We zoom inside the hallways where Alice was with the others as she showed them her paper.]

Alice: I got an A!

Ethan: Alright!

Terence: Wooo!

Nikki: I knew you could do it!

Hannibal: Way to go Alice!

Alice: Thanks. You know guys, ever since I was a child, I never really had an idea what to do with my life. I always let my mother control me and tell me what to do. But now, I’ve been at Horizon for about a year now. If it wasn’t for moving here, gaining my own independence and meeting you guys, I would have never figured myself out. And you know what? I finally figured something out.

Ethan: What is it?

Alice: I know what I want to do for the rest of my life... I want to become a writer! Not just any other writer, I want to tell and create stories! Share stories that have deeper meanings that leave legacies. Heck, I want to share stories that can reach the public, so other people can hear about the amazing tales that I get to tell. And I’m not going to let anybody stop me from doing that!

Terence: But what about your major?

Hannibal: Yeah, won’t you have to start all over?!

Alice: Not really, I looked at the degree and most of the classes I’ve already taken will transfer. Lucky me, huh?

Nikki: I say go for it, Alice. What do you got to lose?

Hannibal: Yeah, if writing’s your passion, I say you should do it.

Terence: I think you can do it.

Ethan: Hey, now we can write shows together, if you want. The animation business is always looking for dozens of writers!

Alice: I think that sounds like a lot of fun. [Smiles] Thanks, you guys. It’s nice to know I have real friends out there who are there to support me no matter what.

[She jumped onto Ethan and hugged him.]

Alice: Especially you, Ethan. Your advice really helped me decide what I wanted to be.

Ethan: [Blushing] It’s no problem… Heheh...

Terence: Oh, brother. [Rolling eyes]

[We zoom into Nikki’s smiling and Hannibal tapped on her shoulder.]

Hannibal: Hey, Nikki? You have a sec?

Nikki: Yeah, um… sure.

[Hannibal and Nikki walked off. The scene segmented into a Horizon Apartment Complex where Hannibal and Nikki were walking together in the hallway.]

Hannibal: Hey, so there’s something I wanted to ask you.

Nikki: Yeah, shoot.

Hannibal: Well, I asked you out about two weeks ago, and I was wondering if you have thought it over yet.

[Nikki stopped Hannibal.]

Nikki: Yeah… see the thing is, I don’t wanna risk ruining anything that’ll sabotage our friendship. We’ve been close for years, Hanny.

Hannibal: So?

[Suddenly, Hannibal’s shoes and legs began to turn grey.]

Nikki: It’s just, I don’t wanna lose somebody who’s been so close to me in my life.

Hannibal: But you’re not going to lose me, Nikki.

Nikki: How are you so sure about that?

Hannibal: Because I know if we give it a try, it’s really going to work out.

Nikki: Look...

Hannibal: Nikki!

Nikki: I’m sorry, Hannibal, I just don’t see that kind of future for us.

Hannibal: Well, alright Nikki… I guess, I’ll just go...

[Hannibal’s body turned completely gray, and his body crumbled into dust. The dust particles went flying into the air, disappearing.]

Nikki: Hanny?

[She reached her arm out to him.]

Nikki: Hannibal?!

[Nikki’s eyes widened as she looked around, frightened.]

Nikki: What just happened…


E-10 ED 2- Star Overhead
E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

E-10 Horizons Star Overhead (Snippet) ED

Episode 18 Preview

Major Events

  • Alice chooses to become a writer for her career.
  • Alice is revealed to have some PTSD about her mother.
  • Alice decides to keep Hypnotick as her pet.
  • Nikki rejects her feelings for Hannibal
  • Hannibal mysteriously crumbles to dust.


  • Cassie and Alexia are revealed to be the girls Alice spoke with in the beginning of Day One.
  • When Cassie, Alexia and May ask and tease to Alice about her feelings for Ethan, she dodges the question.
  • Ethan asks Alice if she can help him with her homework, calling back to the many times they've done homework together.
  • Alice asks Ethan about his speedy friend, revealing Ethan still does homework using XLR8, but as usual, it turns to disaster. Calling back to when Ethan tried the first time in Inspire Me.
  • Alice calls back to Day One and Inspire Me that she hasn't officially found a career path for herself.
  • Ethan decides to return the favor for Alice by helping her with the assignment after the many times she helped Ethan before.
  • The Psycholeopterran from Paintcraft returns, and continues to have a similar connection with Alice.
  • The stories Ethan and Alice suggest are the Mechadroid attack from Day One, defeating Chlorokyll in The Nature of Things and the first time he fought Hex in Behind the Shelves.
  • Alice's backstory is revealed in visions.
  • When Alice, Cassie, Alexia and May are searching for stories, their final location takes place at the same power plant Ethan previously fought the Robots of Dimension 12 in Hannibal: A Secret to Unveil.
  • Hannibal asks to speak with Nikki after asking her in Omni-Hex.
  • Nikki tells Hannibal her decision since Picture Perfect.


Aliens Used


  • The title of this episode is based on Disney's Alice in Wonderland.
  • "Same old Ethan" is a quote from Mission Impossible: Fallout
  • Various Pokemon movie tracks are used from this episode.
    • In the Middle of the City
    • Welcome to Pokemon Hills
    • The Ortus
    • Everyone Are Friends
    • The Lost Genesect
    • Where the Ortus Blooms
  • My Foot from The Pillows is used as an insert song in this episode.
  • LiSA's Ring A Bell is used as an ending song in the episode.


  • This episode, as well as Picture Perfect and How to Save A Life, was promoted to air the season finale, Spirited Away.
  • The ending of the episode takes inspiration from episodes of Pokemon XY, Sword Art Online and Avengers: Infinity War.
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