This is the Alien list of the Alfatrix,click here to check the watch's page itself.

Original 20

Name Species Source Status Ultimate Form
Kai Human Kai Carson Default Unavailable
Poleezzard Polar Manzardill Unknown Unlocked Available
Sludger Lenopan Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
Speedster Kineceleran Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
Blazest Methanosian Unknown Unlocked Available
Ballet Arburian Pelarota Unknown Unlocked Available
UpLoaded Galvanic Mechamorph Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
NecroFreeze Necrofriggian Unknown Unlocked Available
Celestium Celestialsapien Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
DiamondBreaker Petrosapien Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
SonicWolfer Loboan Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
BeastBite Vulpimancer Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
Eletron Conductoid Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
SoundWave Sonorosian Unknown Unlocked Available
Tanger Appoplexian Unknown Unlocked Available
FireCracker Pyronite Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
Electrasquatch Thunder Patterned Gimlinopithecus/Wild Gimlinopithecus Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
Anciegypt Thep Khufan Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
FrightKnight Ectonurite Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
FireCracker Pyronite Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
Person-Allity Unknwon Unknown Unlocked Unavailable

Additional Aliens

Name Species Source Status Ultimate Forms
Smash-A-Saur Vaxasaurian Unknown Unlocked Available
Conkairer Chimera Sui Generis Vilgax Locked Unvavailable
MindMatter Sentient Chemicoal Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
Ray-Wind Chronosapien Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
SandCastle Unknown Unknown Unlocked Unavailable
Shakuma Sumbrian Unknown Locked Unavailable


Name Species Source Status Ultimate Forms
Aerray Aerophibian Unknown Locked Unavailable
QuickSilver Citrakayah Unknown Locked Unavailable
Too Big To'kustar Unknown Locked Available
Buffet Gourmand Unknown Locked Unavailable
Whater Unknown Unknown Locked Unavailable
LiberKick Unknown Unknown Locked Unavailable
DreamKnight Unknonw Unknown Locked Unavailable
Radioaction Prypiatosian-B Unknown Locked Unavailable
Nuke-Clear Unknown Unknown Locked Unavailable
Mr.Stache Unknown Unknown Locked Unavailable
Nanorganism Human/Nanochip Hybrid Unknown Locked Unavailable
FishBait Piscciss Volann Unknown Locked Unavailable
DragonStink Lepidopterran Unknown Lcoked Unavailable
RiverTank Orishan Unknown Locked Unavailable
Gladiator Four Tetramand Unknown Locked Unavailable
Caged (Prototype Name) Unknown Unknown Locked Unavailable
Flora Furry Florauna Unknown Locked Unavailable
Magentizer Biosovortian Unknown Locked Unavailable
Vomit Sphere Spheroid Unknown Locked Unavailable
Mountain Power Unknown Unknown Locked Unavailable

Special Aliens

These are aliens that will only appear once or will be used on special occasions.

Name Species Source Status
Fur-ry Cabelosapien Unknown Unlocked


Name First Species Second Species
PoLoaded Polar Manzardill Galvanic Mechamorph


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