The Alphamatrix (Or simply known as 'Alfatrix') is a Weapon from the Series: Kai 20: Aliens In Danger.


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General Information
Type Level 25 DNA Alterer


Alfatrix resembles the original Omnitrix after the recalibration, but it's blue instead of green.


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Ultimate "Evolutionary" Function

Azmuth thought that Ultimate Forms could have some potential, so he fixed all glitches. Other than that, it works like the Ultimatrix.

It can't evolve recently scanned DNA. After it's scanned, the user has to wait 3 months to be available.

Known Glitches In The Alfatrix

  • Time-out Limit: It shortens the time limit.
  • Unlocking: Unlocks aliens when it isn't supposed to.
  • Powers: Sometimes weakens/enhances powers of the selected alien.
  • Ultimate: Sometimes the evolutionary function doesn't work, causing the holder of the watch not being able to turn into this state.


  • Stabilizer Mode: Prevents any evolutionary glitches/instabilities from happening.
  • Hologram Show: Shows a hologram with a selection of the heads of all alien in the watch as icons.
  • Timeout Mode: The colors will revert.
  • GPS Mode: Shows a map with the location of the wielder. (turns yellow)
  • Radiation Mode: It warns when there is radiation that the user can't support. (turns pink)
  • Scan Mode: The Alfatrix will turn orange.

Other Features

  • The Alfatrix has a GPS incorporated, it can be turned off and on.
  • It also has the ability to track Azmuth's other creations.
  • It can change its color.
  • It can also transfer DNA samples/unlock other aliens on other Omnitrixes. This will cost the given sample as it will be locked.
  • It can also connect to other timeline/dimension's Codon Stream, as shown in the episode Negative We Stand, temporarily unlocking some of the aliens from that timeline/dimension.


  • In a timeline/dimension where the Codon Stream doesn't exist, the Alfatrix is useless.


  • UpLoaded was the first alien added into the Alfatrix.
  • The Alfatrix was originally green but was changed to blue by Kai.
  • Azmuth locked most aliens due to him knowing something would happen.
  • Azmuth also fixed most glitches, but this created more glitches.
  • When Kai took the Alfatrix, it was mostly incomplete and was going to be sent to Azmuth so he could finish it.
  • Azmuth started working on the Alfatrix after seeing Albedo steal the main part for the Ultimatrix.
  • The Alfatrix was originally going to Ben.
  • It can also multiply itself when the original is destroyed or broken critically. This was so Azmuth wouldn't have to make it all over from the start. This can be turned off.
  • The Galvan DNA isn't on the Alfatrix for unknown reasons.
  • The Alfatrix currently has 19 species unlocked, and 1,000,000 species in total. (Not counting Ultimates). The only reason for only having 20 (initially) unlocked is because of it being unfinished.

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