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Alexis Oakley
Plumber Fighting Suit.jpg
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Alias Lexi
Part In Team Expert Marksman
Alternate Counterparts Alexis Oakley (NFS Story)
Friends Bryce Enderson
Relatives Tony Slash - Father

Amber Oakley - Mother Kennith Oakley - Brother

Age 18
Status Alive - Almost Ranked Magister
Abilities and Equipment
Abilities N/A
Equipment Future Plumber Suit
Voice Actor Jennifer Lawrence
First Appearance TBA

Alexis "Lexi" Oakley is a plumber in Tony Slash: Omni-Adventures. He first appeared in TBA (Unknown Episode). She is a human from the planet Earth.


Alexis has a futuristic plumber suit that is fire proof, water resistant, bullet proof, and is made of a super durable metal that is extremely light and flexible. The suit looks like Katniss's suit from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Alexis has beautiful brown eyes. She has brown hair that is put into a beautiful braid.


Alexis is a serious plumber girl who likes what she does with an extreme passion. She's more of a tomboy than a girly girl.

Powers and Abilities

She's able to fire six arrows at a time, which each arrow is adapted with special plumber tech that was developed by her squad's technology developer. Her extremely durable suit is able to withstand even the strength of the Hulk, who is strong enough to bust through the Iron Man Armor. With her suit, it comes with enhanced strength to where she can throw a plumber ship a few thousand feet. (Just comparing her armor to someone extremely strong)


There are some weak points to the extremely durable suit she wears. Directly in the back is a main component that keeps the suit on, if that's taken out then her back can be damaged by a hard blow.

She can be hurt by her own arrows if they are caught and thrown back in time. She can be hurt by her own arrows due to all the plumber tech that's in them, which can take down the toughest armor.



Alexis is the future Daughter of Amber Oakley and Tony Slash, she's a great shot with her bow and arrow, just like her mom. When she was younger, she was able to shoot four arrows with one shot which was impressive but Amber pushed Alexis to where she was the best marksman in her class.



  • Father- Tony Slash
  • Mother- Amber Oakley
  • Brother- Andrew Slash
  • Brother- Kenneth Oakley


  • Bryce Enderson

Love Interests

  • A guy named Bryce



  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA


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