Alexis Annie Flyer
General Information
Species Human (formely)
⅔ Human ⅓ Deamono
Home World Earth
Residence Division's HQ
Age 15
Affiliations Division
Occupation(s) Soldier
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Absorption
Energy Shields
Enhanced Speed
Energy Beams
Equipment Glasses
Relatives Connor Flyer
Alias LiveLink
Alternate Counterparts none
First Appearance A Day Off With a Giant Robot

Alexis Annie Flyer, also known as LiveLink is a character from Genetic, and the older sister of Connor Flyer.


Alexis is a 15 years old girl, with brown eyes, and long brown hair.

As Alexis

She wears a white skirt, with a pink skirt, green socks and pink shoes.

As LiveLink

LiveLink wears a white suit, with green likes like that of the Galvanic Mechamorphs, and green boots. She has small white machines behind her ears, with a button, that allows her to activate green, energy made glasses. What using her power, her eyes become green too.






LiveLink's ability is to absorb energy then use it in the form of blasts, and shields or simply send it to someone else. She can also fly, and is pretty good when it comes to working with technology.


LiveLink doesn't like to fight, which makes her pretty easy opponent.


LiveLink's glasses allows her to seen the plan of the techology in front of her eyes, and makes the plan of best strategy for the situation.


  • In their prototype versions, Connor and Alexis were the younger brother and sister of Alex.
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