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Alexander Garcia
General Information
Species Osmosian/Nordian Hybrid
Home World Earth
Age 18
Affiliations Earth
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Absorption
Life Absorption
DNA Absorption
Power and Ability Absorption
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Technology Manipulation
Alias Alex

Alexander Garcia is a Osmosian raised on Earth to believe that he was an ordinary human. Upon encountering the dying original wielder of the Omnitrix, Alexander absorbed them upon their request and gained the Omnitrix abilities including




Powers and Abilities

Physical Prowess

As half Osmosian, Alexander

  • Enhanced Strength: As half Osmosian, Alexander possesses physical strength that makes him stronger than the average human.
  • Enhanced Durability: As half Osmosian, Alexander is much more durable than an ordinary human which allows him to survive injuries that would typically severely injure them. He was able to withstand being thrown through a stone wall without any bruises or broken bones though he did feel "achy".

Osmosian Powers

Aside from enhanced strength and durability, his Osmosian heritage also grants him the ability to absorb energy

  • Energy Absorption: As half Osmosian, Alexander is able to absorb and channel energy which he can use to manipulate technology, either increase his physical prowess or recover from injuries faster and discharge the absorbed energy in the form of blasts. Drawbacks to this is that the energy Alexander absorbs isn't indefinite as it will either fade over time or through excessive use in which he will need to absorb more energy. He initially also suffered the negative effects of absorbing energy as it would cause him to become mentally unstable while storing it for extended periods of time will cause him to become worse. However, he later gained enough control over this in that he longer becomes unstable if he absorbs energy or stores it in his body. This power was also initially limited to just his hands though he eventually was able to spread it so that he can absorb energy from any part of his body.
    • Power Absorption: A sub-ability of his main ability, Alexander is also able to absorb the DNA, energy and life force of other life forms. Through this, he is able to temporarily use that beings powers and abilities which causes his body to undergo a slight mutation to accommodate the absorbed abilities. However, he is able to permanently keep these abilities by fully absorbing the their energy though at the consequence of killing the being in question.

Fighting Styles

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat:
  • Multilingualism: Due to absorbing the Omnitrix DNA, Alexander is able to innately understand and communicate with most aliens that don't speak English.

Miscellaneous Abilities





Love Interests




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