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Alexander Adamov
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence Eastern Europe
Age 13 (Flashbacks)
16 (Flashbacks)
18 (Special)
19 (Season 1 & 2)
Status Alive
Height 178 cm
Weight 60 kg
Gender Male
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Alias Alex Bloodson
Tayler Telos
Professional Status
Occupation(s) Student
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Eidetic Memory
Strategic Skills
Combat Adaptation
Equipment Omnimatrix
ID Belt
Various Weapons & Equipment
Relatives Sveta Adamova
Stan Adamov
Kalin Adamov (brother)
Alexis Adamova (sister/partially genetic copy)

Alexander Stanov Adamov is a human from the Planet Earth. He's the wielder of the Omnimatrix and goes by several different aliases, the most common of which is Alexander Bloodson.


He has brown hair and eyes with an average physique for his age. At first, he kept his hair short, but at the age of 16, he let it grow out and cover his right eye to give him an 'emo-like' look. After that embarrassing phase passed, Alex continued to keep his longer and messy hairstyle, but he cut the hair that covered his eye.

When he first came across the Omnimatrix, Alex wore a green jacket with a black shirt underneath, along with pants and boots of the same color - an outfit that became his standard for the winter seasons of the next three years of his life. Since he first found it, the Omnimatrix would remain on his right wrist.

During the summer, Alex would replace the green jacket for a black one and would wear a primarily red shirt underneath it, but with the same black pants and boots.

At some point before the present, his primary outfit for both winter and summer became a black hoodie with red stripes on both arms, the number 10 on the left side of his chest. Underneath he wears a red shirt with black collar, black pants with red pieces on the back, and black loafers.

At school, Alex now wears the standard school uniform which consists of a red jacket over a white dress shirt with a black tie and black pants.



Unknown to Alex, the boy's existence originally began inside Evan's imagination as a character created by him. Eventually, however, these thoughts reached a lower stage of reality where they began to form their own universe, and eventually, Alex himself was 'born'.


Alex was anti-social from an early age, preferring to stay at home and play old video games instead of going outside and meeting new people. Because of that, he spent most of his time at school alone. He wasn't bothered or bullied and, in several cases, even the teachers would forget his presence.

During one winter night, at around the age of 13, Alex was out on a walk with his brother. The two saw something crashing into the nearby forest. There they found the capsule that contained the Omnimatrix and its prototype. As soon as they found the devices, they firmly affixed themselves onto the boys' wrists.

The two were later called by an alien called Zarmaruk, who had sent the devices to Earth in hope of finding suitable hosts who could protect the universe from an alien empire armed with a mass-produced, inferior version of the devices they had. In truth, Zarmaruk sent the Omnimatrix to Earth because he figured that humans would be smart enough to be able to use the device, but stupid enough to not figure out its true potential.

After the empire was defeated and the fake Omnimatrices destroyed, Zarmaruk disabled the Master Control and ran away (to avoid getting sued for stealing the devices by their real creator). With that, the two were left on their own to try and figure out what to do with the new power they were given and eventually decided to use the watches to fight crime and make money.

At some point, Omnimatrix Mark 2, an updated sapient version of the original device crashed on Earth and after using DNA from one of Alex's cousins to repair its own, damaged, human DNA, the new Omnimatrix became Alexis and was adopted into the family. She locked many of the alien forms that remained active after the deactivation of the Master Control and helped the brothers in fighting crime. The three of them then used their aliens to build a base of operation in the forest where the Omnimatrix first crashed.


According to Evan, Alex is supposed to represent the most heroic and selfless aspects of Evan's personality, a fact that speaks for itself, as Alex is a mostly heartless person that cares little about others' lives and uses the Omnimatrix for his own gain. He only helps others for a monetary reward. Whenever that reward would be given to him willingly or unwillingly doesn't matter.

Being anti-social and an introvert, Alex spends most of his free time either at home on his computer, doing something crazy with his siblings, or training with the various alien-forms he can turn into. Though he gets often nagged at by his parents having no job and being lazy, Alex was capable to provide for himself using the scholarship he's given for his excellent performance at school.

The only people Alex genuinely cares about are his family. He holds his parents in especially high regard, recognizing that if it wasn't for their strict and rough treatment he would have become disrespectful and wasteful like his classmates and many others. His parents are also the only reason why Alex hadn't used his powers to rob banks or terrorize the world, as they don't want him to get into too much trouble with his powers. In fact, his family's safety is the only reason why Alex fights against many of the enemies he comes across. No matter how vicious a fight with his brother, or how heated an argument with his family would get, Alex would always help them out, putting their safety above any other priority.

Despite having no idea what he wants to do with his life, being sarcastic and easygoing, and often coming off as arrogant because of his powers, Alex is anything but careless. His consciousness is so extreme that to his siblings, he's almost paranoid. There's a backup plan for every action that he takes, every small detail is dealt with, no matter how insignificant it may seem. An entire wall of fake identities and aliases was built by Alex to keep any suspicious eyes off himself and his family.

Alex also has a distaste for alien life in general, viewing other life forms as a danger for the existence of humankind. Because of that, he deals with aliens in a much more brutal manner than with humans and has no problem killing them, even though he often tries to avoid killing humans. Despite that, he's not above accepting aid from aliens and is never the one to launch the first attack in battle.

Despite his hatred for aliens, Alex uses the transformations of his Omnimatrix more than necessary. He views these forms as simply masks that allow him to do things that he would normally be throw in jail for without compromising his real identity. For that reason, if he states that even if the Omnimatrix had the function to give him the aliens' powers without having to transform, he would just ignore it, as the former was far safer for his identity.

Skills and Abilities

Alex is an experienced fighter. He had spent six years of his life fighting against various villains, aliens and had stopped an alien invasion at the age of 13. Despite all of that combat experience, he's a very poor hand-to-hand fighter, both as human and as most of his alien forms, except for his Appoplexian transformation. His combat skills show off far more when he's in control of an alien form with powers that aren't strength-based. He's fast to adapt to any combat situation and is extremely good at forming strategies. Despite that, he's far from having good leadership skills to back-up his ability to plan.

To make up for his lack of skills in hand-to-hand combat, Alex is an excellent marksman. He has been taught at a young age by his mother how to handle a rifle and his aim is precise enough to shoot several bottle caps from up to fifteen meters away before he acquired the Omnimatrix. After he gained the device, his marksmanship with aliens that could fire projectiles has become close to perfect, and his ability as a human has improved significantly as a result of that and the Omnimatrix's slow augmentation of Alex's body.

Alex is also smart in general and has an above-average intelligence. And despite laziness and other personal reasons causing him to struggles with several of his classes, he was capable of maintaining his excellent score of only As by cheating on exams, which he had proudly been able to do for years without ever raising suspicion.


Alex's primary equipment is the Omnimatrix, which allows him to turn into various alien forms. Not even Alex knows how many forms were unlocked at the beginning, as Master Control was temporally unlocked soon after he acquired the device in order to help him fight off an alien invasion. After the crisis ended, Alex had at least a few hundred forms unlocked, many of which he had never used or knew to have existed.

With the arrival of Omnimatrix Mark 2, aka Alexis on Earth, she locked most of the forms, leaving only six active playlists, or 60 aliens. However, because Alex used every chance he got to scan powerful aliens to add to his active playlists, increasing the number to nearly 70.

The power to transform into various life forms however came and with several limitations. Not only does Alex gain the weaknesses of the selected alien, along with the powers, but he can only stay into one form for 20 minutes before he times out and switching from one form to another drains a random amount of the watch's active time, cutting Alex's remaining time as an alien by 3 minutes minimum, and sometimes even leaves him with only a few seconds as an alien before it times out.

Said was is also proud of mistrasforming and strangely enough, gives its user the wrong alien far more often than the prototype. That, along with many other glitches, often results in the watch more trouble than help.

Another equipment that Alex carries with himself almost always is an ID Belt, a device that he created in his Galvan form by reverse-engineering an ID Mask. Like an ID Mask, the device allows Alex to change his appearance and hide his true identity without the need to turn into an alien. The primary difference between the two devices is that the ID Belt is easier to hide and carry around, though the device was given several other small improvements as well.

Alex sometimes uses other equipment crafted by his alien forms as well. He had also taken different pieces of technology and weapons from humans and aliens that he has defeated and is capable of using them, should the situation call for it.


  • Alex has several copies of the clothes he wears, which is why it seems that he's always wearing the same thing.
    • Most of these clothes were from donations that his mother was able to take from her previous workplace before it closed down.
    • After Alex figured out how the clothing function of the Omnimatrix worked, he began to wear almost exclusively clothes generated by the watch, which includes his school uniform.
  • He's embarrassed by his emo-phase.
  • Alex has discovered far more functions of the Omnimatrix than just the basic ones, like transformation, including how to personalize his aliens' outfits and how to activate the device's wristwatch function.