is a netlfix action aventure series what takes place after 9 years in omniverse

in a future where ben tennyson is retired but a new menace is coming to bellwood and azmuth decided gave a new omnitrix for a 13 years old boy called alexander wiston for battle the evil forces


alexander winston: a brown hair boy who wears a yellow and black omnitrix

jessie winston: a blonde 15 year old girl who is alexander sister what have magical powers for a bracelet

melissa tennyson: gwen and kevin daughter who is a omnosian/anodite hybrid

supporting characters

ben tennyson: former hero who is a retired old man who keeps his omnitrix in a high tech security vault

jasmine wiston: alexander and jessie mother who is a lawyer

ohston wiston: alexander and jessie father who is a police

kim wiston: alexander and jessie baby sister

mike wiston: alxenader and jessie baby brother

rook blonko: the magister who is part time plumber

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