Alex Booth
Alex Booth.png
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Age 20
Occupations Farmer
Powers and Abilities
Relatives Miles Booth (Father)

Angie Booth (Mother)

First Appearance King's 10

Alex Booth is one of the secondary protagonists of King's 10.


Alex is a tall (6' 5"), somewhat tanned male. His hair is naturally a somewhat dark brown colour, however he has it bleached and toned blonde, and his eyes are a light hazel colour.

He typically wears jeans and t-shirts, often with his denim jacket, that has several custom patches he added on.


Alex is a little too easy-going for his own good. Because of this, he's often very relaxed, keeping his cool even in tense situations. However, when he's passionate about something he can be very reactive and determined. This is especially the case when it comes to Ciar, who Alex can sometimes be overly protective of, often jumping into action to help him, even when it's not needed.

He's also a rather truthful person, often saying what's on his mind without caring what people think. Though his opinions can get him in trouble at times, he maintains that he'd rather be too honest than accidentally make a liar of himself.

Often his stubbornness can get the better of him. Though he is usually open to other people's opinions, he sometimes acts based on his own opinion, much to the frustration of those around him.


Having spent a great deal of time working on his family's farm, Alex is in very good shape, and considerably stronger than he looks. This comes in handy when in fights, as even if he can't stand up to the same alien threats Ciar can, he often still finds a way to get a hit in to help out.




  • He's half-spanish
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