Alex Will Bloodson

Alex Bloodson

Albedo now

General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Age 13 (Team 10)
16 (Genetic)
Affiliations Team 10
Occupation(s) Hero
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Eidetic Memory
Spontaneous Learning/Understanding
Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Equipment Omnimatrix
Relatives Kevin Bloodson(brother)
Alternate Counterparts ShadowFire
Jaden Purpnil
First Appearance A Present From Space
 Alex Will Bloodson is one of the main characters of Team 10, as well as the wielder of the Omnimatrix.


Alex has brown hair and brown eyes.

14 years old

He wears a black shirt with red stripes in the middle and on the sides with a red 10 on the right side. He also wears brown pants with pockets at the knees and red and black shoes.

16 years old

Alex's hair has grown longer and now covers his right eye. He als now wears a black hoodie over a red shirt and black pants that are from behind. The Omnimatrix is now red instead of green.


Alex is mostly a cold person who doesn't like humanity in general. He doesn't trust to people he doesn't know and it takes much from others to earn his trust although it isn't full. Alex isn't the talkative type and spends most of his free time locked in his room. Because of him being able to see the bad things in everything Alex can always make the right decision and won't do anything for others unless he is sure that its the good thing to be done.

According to Alex the only reason why he choose to be a hero is because ruling the world is boring and messing with others is much interesting. Because of his coldness and the fact he is a sadist, Alex is able to kill without feeling guilt for his action.

Another interesting thing about his personality is that Alex is perverted although not showing it.

But of course just like ice can melt Alex can show some warn feelings toward others, mostly his siblings and counterparts. He is very protective toward them and has a family like relationship with them. Because of his sadistic nature his own sister doubs the purity of those feelings and sometimes believes he does it only for his own profit, which he doesn't deny.

Powers and Abilities

Alex's main power is the Omnimatrix, a device that allows him to turn into more than fifty different aliens. He is also a skilled fighter and has lot of skills at using weapons.

Alex has the ability to come back from the dead once his wounds are treated or an ccording to Alex the onbs power his eyes turn red.


Alex's main ability with the Omnimatrix is also his main weakness. Whenever the device times out, Alex is left mostly powerless.




  • Credits to Wolf for the poses.
  • He will make an appearance at some point in Genetic.
  • Because of him being the "original" all of Alex's counterparts have a small aspect of his personality, which is being enhanced creating their personalities.
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