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Alex Adams, also called Alex 23 and AL 25, is a dimensional counterpart of Alex Adams from Earth 23. He is a Canadian-American teenager older than Ben 23.


He is a white Caucasian male with his hair shaved off, slightly bald. He wears like street rapper clothes; purple coat, white T-shirt, ragged blue pants, and white and red sneakers. He wears three gold chain necklaces and one gold necklace with a giant gold 25 number.


He acts and speaks like a rapper with a Afro-American accent.

He enjoys making fun of Ben 23 and mocking him for being young, short, stupid and his high pitch squeaky voice. Keep comparing him to Young Justin Bieber.






"Ooooh SSSSSS Suga Honey Ice-T."


"Check dis out dawg, RIMS!!!"

"Yo Yo Man Watch The Bling!!!"


He was born in 1997 in Canada.


After he move to America to gain some money and be rich, his fame and glory feeds his ego and pride.



  • Alex 23 is AL 25. First Appearance.
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  • Since Ben 23 is like a spoiled selfish celebrity, a slight good-but-bad opposite version of Ben 10, I do the same thing with my 23 counterpart to be more of an opposite version of me; Rich, Professional Rapper, Cocky, Chill, Jerk, CANADIAN. But he's still crazy.
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