Alex Adams, also called Al 12. He is a American born human boy who one gain his own omnitrix and became more crazy than usually.


Age 12: He is about 5.6 tall and caucasian (White). He wears a Red Hoodie, red shirt and blue pants and white shoes. His hair color is blonde (Yellow).

Age 15: He is about 6.2 tall and caucasian (White). He wears a grey shirt, orange jacket, black pants and green and black tennis shoes. His hair color is strawberry blonde (Orange).

When he disguise himself as AL 12, his now alter ego persona, he wears a biker's outfit with a biker helmet. He wears a leather jacket in Autumn and Spring Seasons, a light orange raincoat in Summer, and a black winter coat in Winter.

Age 18; . He wears a Orange and Grey Hoodie. His hair color is Strawberry Blonde (Orange; Same Color).


He is nice, sweet, hot headed, crazy, huge ego, gentle, pantient, chill, calming.

Alex has a passionate side who worries about people's safety, health and endangerment. Alex really does care about other people feeling when he hurt them and tries to apologies and ask forgiveness.

Deep inside Alex is a raging vengeful wild beast who will take out his anger on anything.

Alex can be a bit wild and egomaniac when he uses the Multitrix.



He was born in April 21, 1997 in the in between the line of Iowa and Nebraska; the lands of corn.

Ben 10 Event

Not much happens except after the summer time and in the September month of 2005, he admires a kid named Ben 10. Amazed by his ability to turn into alien superheroes with awesome powers.

Ultimate Alien Force Event

Years later in 2010.


A year

End Game.





Joe Adams: Alex's dad.

Beth Adams: Alex's mom.

Katie Adams: Alex's sister.

Rachael Autumns; Alex's childhood best friend.





Ben Tennyson: A heroic idol and inspiration of being a Omnitrix Wielder.

Gwen Tennyson

Kevin Levin: A bad boy older brother role model.

Max Tennyson

Rook Blonko

Lieutenant Steel

Azimuth: An extremely intelligent wise Galvan.

Professor Paradox: Keeps annoying Alex with riddles and bother him when something that relates to time and space being threaten when he barge in out of nowhere.


The Vreedles; The only alien race that drives Alex Angry Mad. With their obnoxious destruction, stupidity and their weared out redneck-hillbilly-stereotype personality. A running gag and possibly catchphrase he saids everytime he sees or hears Vreedles; "I Hate Vreedles".

-The Vreedle Brothers/Octagon and Rhomboid; Stupid and Crazy trigger happy redneck criminals that pisses Alex off from their repeated antics, and their appearance. Alex usually beats them up hard and sometimes even kills them.

-Ma Vreedle; Ma Vreedle is the only villain that makes Alex so furious. He tries to kill Ma but he keeps being blocked by emotions. And other people saying no. Alex is the only human people who isn't threaten by Ma Vreedle and doesn't care how dangerous she is.

-Pa Vreedle; To Alex, just a crazy slow-minded tricky old man.

-Pretty Boys; Humanoid Roadblocks

-Doby; The Special Roadblock.

-Parry; A muscle man that is a equal fighter to Berzerker and other AL 12's Hand-To-Hand Fighters.

-Sceles; Ever since Alex met Sceles, she has been flirting with Alex do to "mighty lookin cute" and other hillbilly flirt terms. Alex has a weird mix feeling for Sceles, due to her attractive looks and being a Vreedle, like a hate-but-like feeling. Alex does have to hate himself to keep admitting that Sceles is the most sexiest Alien Girl he ever met. Example; Alex keeps walking in Sceles taking a bath naked, TWICE, a Sceles only gets spooked from him peeping and later she flirts with him of getting a better view or more time lookin.


12 Year Old-

"I got a theme that I been working on. But Aethen would probably hate." (Transforms into Velociraptor) "It Started When An Alien Jerk Who Ripped Of Azimuth. Who Made Mockbuster Versions Of The Omnitrix. But Who Cares About Him Let Focus On The Main Hombre, Who's Name Is AL 12."

"Come on where's the bus. ....Due Alex. Velociraptor has more speed (Click VOOM!!)"

"Dude....THIS IS SO AWESOME!!! I'M BEN 10!! No wait. I'M THE NEW BEN 10!! SWEEET!!!"

"HEY!!! ROAD HOG JERKS!!!" (The car is out of control) "That's not a joyride."



(Confronting Techadon Malcolm Irons) (As Thunder Ape) "All of this destruction, all of this chaos, all of this fighting and all of the innocent people you endangered just to take me down? You are more pathetic than I thought Irons." Techadon Irons: "YOU AND THAT BEN BRAT WEAR THE MOST POWERFUL WEAPON IN THE UNIVERSE!!! BUT YOU TWO USE THEM AS TOY AND PRETEND TO PLAY AS HEROES!! IN MY HANDS I WOULD ERADICATE ALL ALIEN THREATS THAT COME TO EARTH AND WANT TO BLOW IT UP!! AND THEIR TECHNOLOGY ARE MORE DANGEROUS THAN HUMAN TECHNOLOGY JUST LIKE YOUR OMNITRIX!!!" "Saids the man in a Techadon suit. You call me a monster. But the real monster is you. Because your not doing this for Earth. Its just been all about you. Because you're a deranged egotistic psychopath."

16 Year Old-

"Look Rachael. I did notice signs from you when we were kids." Rachael: "Wait, what signs. Oh you mean, no wait, No, No I'm don't-" "Rachael I can read emotions now, I can also sense it from you. You like me. More than a friend, like you have a crush on me." Rachael: "Alex I...I can explain. But please just don't see me like you see Janet, I know you think of her as a friend but please don't-" "Rachel dude cool it. I did have feelings for you too. I just. I just need to think about."

"Whatever. I'm still the most violent and hardcore Omnitrix Wielder in this dump."

"Here's the thing. I Do Not Want To Be A Plumber, Or Be A STAT. Do I Look Like A Sellout To You?"

"Come On I'm Going To Be Late!! .....What am I saying. (Click VOOM!!!) *Spaceray* I just had a sudden deja vu right now."

"I hate the vreedles."

"Vreedles. Why does it have to be Vreedles.

"Let's get EXTREME!!!"

"Let's get dangerous."

18 Year Old-

"VREEDLES?!! I hate those guys!"

"Vreedles!! I hate vreedles!"

"I. HATE!! Vreedles!"


"I....Hate!! VREEEEDLLLLLES!!!!!"






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  • He's based from Me. He's literally me.
  • His appearance in Omniverse Style or Derrick J Wyatt style, he would share with Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2. But without the pigtailed and without the matching outfit.
    • The reason why I wanted to look like Ranma Saotome in Omniverse is because I LOVE Ranma 1/2.
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