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Get off me

Alex 10: Alien Omniverse is a series about a 12-year-old boy who found a watch on Miami Beach, trying to find treasures.

Then, it just glued onto his (my) hand and he couldn't get it off and I started swearing (when something annoys me, I start swearing).

It was just annoying, but then a black silhouette with a guy in a suit appeared. I thought it was a toy. I crushed it to the ground, then I started to change shape! It was very scary.

After the traumatic incident, my voice changed , I was red and I could shoot water (I splashed myself) and then after 10 minutes, I was me again. The watch started to tell me the instructions:

-I am the Omnitrix, the biggest weapon in the universe. -Biggest, you are small. -Inside of me are a lot of DNA samples of the strongest aliens. -It doesn't sound too bad. -Pressing on the green button makes the silhouettes appear. Turn the grey circle to select the aliens. Any transformation lasts 10 minutes. If I get broken, I will contact Azmuth. He will know what to do. -Wait, who is Azmuth ? -Azmuth is my creator. -And what can I do with you? - You can use me to do.... Everything you want. There are also some evil men and women who want me to conquer the world or the universe. -So I can't do everything I want with you. -And you better not use me in the large world because villains can be everywhere. -Ok, so I can't use you whenever I want. -Ok now when you know the commands you are free. -I will go home and try this thing.

Then, everything changed in his life, but a great power means a great responsibility.


  • Alex (me)
  • Cristina (my sister)
  • Marius (my friend)
  • Ana (my mother)
  • Marin (my father)
  • Bono (my dog)
  • Omnitrix
  • Azmuth


  1. Magmashot (Heatblast)
  2. Wrestler (Four Arms
  3. Smart Frog (Grey Matter)
  4. Fastlizard (XLR8)
  5. Sensidog (Wildmutt)
  6. Cristalrain (Diamondhead)
  7. Spiritghost (Ghostfreak)
  8. Sharkbite (Ripjaws)
  9. Bumblesplash (Stinkfly)
  10. Hydrant (Water Hazard)
  11. Slime Tech (Upgrade)
  12. Big Frog (Bullfrag)
  13. Pterowhiptyl (Astrodactyl)
  14. Gravirock (Gravattack)
  15. Pulseshot (Feedback)
  16. Mouthball (Ball Weevil)
  17. Cricket (Crashhopper)
  18. Fireplant (Swampfire)
  19. Dinogrow (Humungousaur)
  20. Legocube (Bloxx)
  21. Chamouflage (ChamAlien)
  22. Electricrab (Brainstorm)
  23. Electryetic (Shocksquatch)
  24. Leopard (Fasttrack)
  25. Ray Giant (Way Big)
  26. Eagle Dance (Kickin Hawk
  27. Acid Spitt (Spitter)
  28. Frankenstorm (Frankenstrike)
  29. Megablast (Atomix)
  30. Yellowfat ([[The Worst)
  31. Hamster Teeth (Mole-Stache)
  32. Sweet Dream (Pesky Dust)
  33. Slyprery (Walkatrout)
  34. Spikeball (Portaler)
  35. Defanshell (Shellhead)
  36. Plantstalk (Wildvine)
  37. Nanoshock (Nanomech)
  38. Protectarmor (NRG)
  39. Skaryfacee (Toepick)
  40. Magnetrock (Lodestar)
  41. Battery (Buzzshock)
  42. Bewarewolf (Blitzwolfer)
  43. Mantalaser (Jetray)


S1 ep.1 : Gett of me ( upper )

S1 ep 2 : figuring out

S1 ep 3 : My own villan

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