General Information
Species Homocypian
Home World Terah
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Human Physiology
Genius-Level Intelligence
Expert Hand-to-hand Combatant
Expert Engineer
Increased Memory Capacity
Accelerated Calculations and Analysis
Limited Underwater Breathing
Enhanced Concentration
Equipment Backdeck
First Appearance Orientation Day

Alein (codenamed The Unclassified) is a Homocypian from the planet Terah in Alien Academy. He is the main protagonist of the series.


Alein takes the form of an average human teenager (due to his species great resemblance of humans) with peach skin and black hair. He has heterochromia, as evidenced by his right eye being blue and his left eye being green. His average clothing consists of a grey hoodie with cyan accents, with 2 pockets positioned on the sides. His pitch black pants have a teal blue circuit design on them as he made it based of a Galvanic Mechamorph, and he also possesses black shoes with purple soles.


Alein is friendly, optimistic, laid-back, enthusiastic, kind, confident, funny, and very passionate about the universe. Alein enjoys acquiring knowledge and believes that all problems can ultimately be solved through it. He keeps going no matter how hard things get or how hopeless it seems, with a few exceptions (though it doesn't take much encouragement for him to start fighting again), although he does sometimes doubt himself. He always shows respect towards everyone he meets, no matter how rude they are about his apparent lack of powers, such as Grude.

His love of knowledge makes him an exceptional student at the Tennyson Intergalactic Academy, though his position in Class D9 (the lowest ranking class) was mainly due to his late registration. His favourite past time is reading random articles on the Unipedia, while he occasionally assists his friends in understanding complicated lessons. Despite having the opportunity to move up to higher ranking classes, he often declines as he decided to stay with his friends and teacher at D9, proving that he selflessly cares about his friends instead of his own benefits.

Being a knowledge based person, he often spends time doing mental activities rather than physical ones. Because of this, he is primarily a strategist during battles, analysing everything that is happening and creating simple yet effective plans. He possesses incredible will and bravery, though this is usually supported by his laid back attitude even in direct danger. Nevertheless, his abilities make him an excellent leader and teacher.

He cares about the universe and would be enraged if someone were to do something to ruin the peace in the universe, claiming that knowledge should be used to make the universe a better place, not destroy it. As such, he won't tolerate any gratuitous attack on innocents and will always be willing to defend those who are unable to. When he learnt about innocents being used to create the Combiskin, he abandoned his original attitude and recklessly assaulted the Comifeque using it despite knowing that the latter had Galilean powers at the time.

Throughout his time in Class D9, he had forged great friendships with his classmates and is occasionally Professor Psychapse's teacher's pet. His best friend is the anxious Lepidopterran Fli as they are both roommates, though he often annoys the latter by babbling various random topics.

Powers and Abilities

Being a Homocypian, Alein possesses abilities that are twice as strong as an average human. His strength, speed, stamina, senses, durability, dexterity, balance, agility, reflexes, recovery and intelligence are able to make him a fine battler. Additionally, he is strong enough to effortlessly lift a bookshelf unaided, and is fast enough to reach the classroom from his dorm faster than a Lepidopterran could fly.

His primary ability is his genius-level intelligence, being able to understand and learn any form of knowledge within seconds. He is supported by his increased memory storage capacity, allowing him to remember brief moments as if they were occurring for years. This makes him somewhat of a polymath, and he often uses his intelligence in even the most simple events. His intelligence is on par with a Cerebrocrustacean.

A by-product of his intelligence is his analytical mind, allowing him to make elaborate observations on simple objects and species he has never seen before. He can also memorize complex calculations, and often uses them in mere seconds upon learning the variables needed. This means he doesn't need a calculator for any mathematical problems.

He can create useful machines out of anything he sees, as shown when he once managed to build a device using simple kitchen materials, though it broke afterwards. He was also able to fix a Photon Discharge Engine despite never encountering one before. This ability allows him to perform medical activities on technological species and robots.

With his constant training at the academy, Alein has managed to become a skilled hand-to-hand combat fighter, being able to hold his own against several opponents before being overpowered. His fighting style involves analytical observations on his opponent, looking for any biological weak points and flaws in their attacks before he strikes. His advanced reflexes and agility allow him to dodge attacks while making his speedy observations.

His lung capacity is larger than an average humans, allowing him to hold his breath for a longer period of time, giving him the ability to swim longer distances. Additionally, his durability allows him to withstand a larger amount of force, such as being bashed through a wall, with only minor injuries. His heals much faster than a human as well, recovering from minor injuries in a shorter period of time.

He is very dexterous when he uses his pen blaster, never letting it drop whenever he spins it. His senses are increased to allow him to perceive and detect attacks and problems. He is also agile enough to do a backflip onto his top bunk, also proving that he has increased jumping abilities.

He knows about 27 different alien languages, though he does need a translator for some.

His concentration has been deemed as laser-focused by Fli, as Alein has never been distracted by anything while studying. This is especially useful in stressful situations where he is able to calmly concentrate on a particular task, such as fixing a Photon Discharge Engine during an earthquake caused by a Talpaedan.


He always has his Backdeck with him to carry various different objects no matter what the size, including his I-book that has access to the Unipedia and his Pen-Blaster used for writing and ranged attacks.


Despite his physiology being far greater than a human, he has the same weaknesses as one, meaning that he is easily overpowered by greater opponent's, forcing him to use his intelligence to outmaneuver and outsmart them.

His strength is quite limited, being able to lift a normal sized Ekoplektoid a few inches in the air only to struggle when it divides in half.

He is vulnerable to Earth diseases and can be incapacitated by electricity, though a greater voltage is needed on him. Additionally, he cannot make instant recoveries, meaning that he can be scarred and wounded badly.

Despite his intelligence, he can still make reckless mistakes and miscalculations. He can sometimes be distracted in his own lectures when he should be doing a simple task, such as explaining the principle of conservation of momentum when he should've been pushing Rickil on the wrecking ball. The latter event also proves his allies can be annoyed by his lectures, though this can be useful against some of his enemies. Simply put, he isn't as smart as a Galvan.

Like humans, Homocypians have allergies, with Alein having an allergic reaction to peanuts.


Alein first appeared in Orientation Day, where he missed the spacetransport heading to the Tennyson Intergalactic Academy. To make up for his lateness, he took a Space Taxi to the academy, where he was permitted to enroll and took the entrance exams. After doing an analysis on his species and test results, he was assigned to Class D9 despite passing with flying colours, surprising him. Because of the academy's classification via codename, he had been known as "The Unclassified" due to an enigma in his abilities. As he entered the class, he met Fli, Rickil, Crimilson and Doub, his classmates. As he took his seat and got introduced to Professor Psychapse, he acquired his first lesson on Nosedeenian electrical physics. During the lesson however, an emergency Bell sounded, interrupting the lesson and forcing the class to investigate. The source of the problem was a Conductoid shaped robot wreaking havoc in the hallway. While his other classmates used their powers to try and pin down the robot, Alein used his observational skills to disable the robot by finding the power switch. When the robot rises once more, two Nosedeenians exit the robot and Maximillus Dean appeared, revealing the whole thing to be a tactical combat test for the new students. Impressed by their performance, Maximillus officially welcomes the entire class to the academy.



Alein is a pun on Alien. It is also based of the name Alan.


  • He is the only protagonist to have no unusual features, being humanlike appearance-wise and power-wise.
  • Despite his immense intelligence, he decides to stay at Class D9 to prove its just as good as the other classes.
  • His favourite food is Karp and Tater-Fingers.
  • In all his appearances, he is seen reading his I-Book at least once.
  • He fears not knowing anything.
  • He is very similar to Jaden Yuki from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX due to the following reasons.
    • Both are the main male protagonists of their series who came late on the first day of the school they had always wanted to attend.
    • Both have very similar personal ties, being laid back in the face of danger, though will become more serious when pushed to their limit.
    • Both are placed in the lowest classes in their schools despite passing their entrance exams.
    • Both were given the opportunity to move to a higher class, but often declined.
    • Both have dorm roommates who tend to be anxious in contrast with their personalities.
    • Both have heterochromia (though in Jaden's case, his heterochromia happens occasionally).
    • Both are extremely passionate about what they love to do (for Alein it's acquiring knowledge, for Jaden it's Dueling) and believe that it could solve any problem they have.
    • Unlike Jaden however, Alein is very hard-working and successful in his grades, while Jaden tends to slack of and only get good grades in Dueling classes.
  • Alein's nerdy personality is inspired by Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory and Adam Young from Mr. Young, in which all 3 of them are geniuses but tend to annoy their allies with their enhanced knowledge. Alien's personality is also based on Brainstorm.
  • He can understand Crabdozer language, but he can't understand Vulpimancers.
  • The roommate relationship between Alein and Fli is mutual. In the day, Alein annoys Fli by babbling various different topics while at night, Fli always glows as per his species biology, annoying Alein.


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