Albedo Rytte
General Information
Species Galvan (formerly)
Human (formerly)
Galvan-Human Hybrid
Home World Galvan Prime
Residence Galvan Prime (formerly)
Earth (formerly)
Age N/A
Affiliations Plumbers
Occupation(s) Researcher
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intellect
Equipment TBD
Relatives Ben Tennyson
River Rytte
Araceli Rytte
Kenny Tennyson
Helene Tennyson
Emilia Tennyson
(fire) Rytte
Alias Al, Albedork,
Voice Actor Any Volunteers?

Albedo Rytte is a character in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Force (3x0-verse), Ben 10 Omniverse, and Ben 10 Future Frontier, and Get Animated. He first appeared in Good Copy, Bad Copy of 3x0-verse and Chance Encounter for Get Animated. He is a Galvan-Human hybrid from the planet Galvan Prime originally but lives out his life on Revonnah.


He has a cross between human fashion and Galvan fashion for clothes. He takes better care of himself compared to the days he was hunting down the Omnitrix and ways to be a full Galvan again.


With age comes wisdom, right? Well, Albedo is not a hotheaded sociopathic person anymore. Well, not as much since he lives on Revonnah for some peace of mind.

He is caring and more thoughtful of others now, going as far as becoming a Plumber and finding new ways to help aliens thrive with his gift of knowledge.

When still on Earth he was stressed out a lot, and still is when he visits it from time to time.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced intellect. Like all Galvans, he has an intellect that is on par with Azmuth's.

Shapeshifting. He can become an alien without the use of an Omnitrix.

Mana manipulation. After spending so much time with Gwendolyn, he picked up on a few tricks of an Anodite.


Does chili fries still count?


Over time, he eventually married Talia. He invited everyone to their wedding but not many showed up. Hugh, Fridge, and Swamps came, of course, even Blukic and Driba oddly enough, but not the one person he wanted; Azmuth. Out of everyone Talia knew along with himself, only Gwendolyn showed up, and they became fast friends after that.

At some point, he got his Galvan DNA back but was still human in every other way.

He had three children with his wife, two daughters Carmin and Araceli and a son River. They are best friends with Kenny and Devlin, and his daughter Araceli had a major crush on Kenny as well.




  • Gwendolyn Tennyson
  • Hugh, from Ben 10 Live!
  • Fridge, from Ben 10 Live!
  • Swamps, from Ben 10 Live!
  • Maurora: Pet Muroid
  • Garet: Childhood friend that still talks to him
  • Biomni 'Kirby' Prime: Creation

Love Interests

  • Talia Rytte.
  • Gwendolyn Tennyson: One-time thing, but it didn't get far (Talia already knows).



  • Good Copy, Bad Copy (3x0-verse)
  • Appearance 2
  • Etc.


  • He created Alra so he wouldn't be so lonely on Galvan Prime.
  • While on Revonnah he does his share of farm work.
  • He got the pet Muroid on accident by helping one out and its been with him ever since and is quite tame and intelligent.
  • His last name comes from his Wife Talia once they married each other.


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