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(Ben 10: Ultimate Generations)
Season (1), Episode (1)
Air date (Pineapples are weird)
Written by (This Guy)
Directed by (My Mom)
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(Return of Albedo Pt. 2)


Albedo was seen in the place he was in The Final Battle Part 1 working on something

(Albedo): ALmost done (finishs the thing) Yes , the Alphatrix is done

Albedo puts it on

(Albedo): Now to get revenge on Ben Tennyson for leaving me in this body (slaps on Alphatrix and turns into Jetray then flies of)

(Theme Song!)

Ben , Gwen and Kevin are fighting a Techadon

(Kevin): What is up with Techadons always attacking us? (absorbs the ground , his body turns into stone and Kevin punches the Techadon)

(Gwen): I don't know (shoots mana at the Techadon but it got shot back it her) Ben , a little help here

(Ben): On it (activices the Ultimatrix and slaps it down) (transforms) Echo Echo! (evolves) Ultimate Echo Echo!

Ult. Echo Echo threw some sonic disks at the Techadon making it explode , then reverted back to Ben

(Ben): Too easy.