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Ben 10: Alien Universe
Season 1, Episode 2
Alien X about to revert Albedo's DNA.
Air date December 16, 2008
September 28, 2012 (BiA)
Written by Stripes
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Ben 10 Returns
Gwen 10: Alien Force
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Albedo Returns is the second episode of the first season of Ben 10: Alien Universe.


While hanging out with Kevin and Gwen, Ben sees Albedo lurking about. As Ben tries his best to take out an enemy with the same powers as him, might it be possible that he'll have to use his most powerful transformation to stop him?

Major Events[]

  • Ben uses Alien X to transform Albedo back into Galvan form.



Aliens Used[]

(by Ben)[]

  • Spidermonkey (debut appearance)
  • Humongousaur (debut appearance)
  • Alien X (debut appearance)

(by Albedo)[]

  • Negative Humongousaur


  • This episode premiered 4 days after the next episode, Gwen 10: Alien Force.
    • In the case of the Back in Action premiere schedule, the two episodes were put up in order.
  • The group huddle featured at the end of Ben 10 Returns: Part 2 in Ben 10: Alien Force was featured at the end of the episode, especially noticeable by the pronouncing of "Hero Time" by Ben at the end.