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Story starts off at Ben's home. Ben is watching "The Golden Girls" with Kevin. "Wow this is hilarious!" Ben says. "Why the bloody hell are we watching this?!" Kevin shouts.

Albedo is outside waiting for Kevin to leave. "Well I'm gonna go home and watch something manly like "1,000 Ways to Die" Kevin says. "Ok you do that see you later." Ben says. Kevin gets into his car and drives off.

"Now I finally have him all alone!" Albedo transforms into Swampfire and smashes through the wall. "Miss me"? Swampfire says. "Albedo?! Oh great and this is a good episode."

Ben transforms into Wildmutt. Wildmutt roars and tackles Swampfire. Wildmutt bites off Swampfires head but it grows back. "Hey!" Swampfire shouts. Swampfire throws seeds at Wildmutt. Wildmutt becomes entangled.

Swampfire then slams Wildmutts head with a firery punch. "Hmm If I'm going to kill you I should at least tortue you." Albedo tr


ansforms into


Echo Echo.

Echo Echo creates clones all around Wildmutt and let out sonic screams. Wildmutt is in terrible pain. Wildmutt struggles enough to reach the Ultimatrix symbol.

"Pin Ball! Wow I've never been this alien before! I wonder what it does?" Pin Ball says. "Too bad you want live long enough to find out!" Echo Echo says.

"I don't think so!" Pin Ball turns off gravity in the area. The Echo Echo clones starts to float in the air, they are almost unable to control where they move.

"Lets play some Pin Ball!" Pin Balls wrecking ball like hands are ejected. They toss all around the room slaming into the clones. The Echo Echo clones come together and transform into Spidermonkey.

Pin Ball restores gravity. Pin Ball then jumps from wall to wall to try to punch Spidermonkey until Spidermonkey fires a web at Pin Ball and it makes him stick to the wall.

Pin Ball fires a beam from his antenna at a shelf behind Spidermonkey. The shelf is pushed into Spidermonkey. Spidermonkey screechs. Spidermonkey becomes Albedo again.

226px-Pin Ball

Pin Ball pushes the web off of him. "You almost killed me! Pin Ball lifts Albedo and pushes him onto the wall. Pin Ball intimedates Albedo by slamming balls into the wall on his left and right side also above his head.

"Your going to the Null Void!" Pin Ball grabs the Null Void projector and pushes Albedo into Incarcecon Prison. "I hate you!" Albedo shouts before the projector closes.

Pin Ball transforms back into Ben. "Cool I got a new alien and I get to finish the episode of "The Golden Girls" I was watching earlier! Ben says THE END



  • Albedo

Aliens Used[]

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