Albedo 10: (Series), or Albedo 10, is a Series created by and co-written NegativeBenOmniverse Art is Also done by NegativeBenOmniverse. This series was created on October 3, 2013.


For one entire season (10 episodes) we're going to let the fans pick what happens. If wou want a fan episode, all you just have to do is this

1. Tell me the summary of the episode

2. Include major events, aliens used etc.

3. Don't stray too far from the Albedo 10 Timeline


A few years after Albedo and co. defeated Evil Ben Evil Gwen and Evil Kevin, The evils took over Ben, Gwen and Kevin. Now Albedo must use the help of Krabb, SixSix, SevenSeven, EightEight, Vilgax, Tetrax, Azmuth and Ultimate Aggregor.




  • Ben/Fusion Ben
  • Gwen/Anodite Gwen
  • Kevin/Ultimate Kevin

EvolutionTrix Aliens

Ultimate Heatblast
Ultimate Wildmutt
Infinite Windmutt
Ultimate Diamondhead
Ultimate XLR8
Ultimate Grey Matter
Ultimate Fourarms
Ultimate Stinkfly
Ultimate Ripjaws
Ultimate Upgrade
Ultimate Ghostfreak
Ultimate Cannonbolt
Infinite Cannonbolt
Ultimate Wildvine
Ultimate AlbedoWolf
Ultimate AlbedoMummy
Ultimate AlbedoVictor
Ultimate Perk Upchuck
Ultimate Ditto
Ultimate Eye Guy
Ultimate Way Big
Infinite Way Big
Ultimate Spitter
Ultimate Buzzshock
Ultimate Articguana
Ultimate Swampfire
Infinite Swampfire
Ultimate Echo Echo
Infinite Echo Echo
Ultimate Humungosaur
Infinite Humungosaur
Ultimate Jetray
Ultimate Big Chill
Infinite Big Chill
Ultimate Chromastone
Ultimate Brainstorm
Ultimate Spidermonkey
Infinite Spidermonkey
Ultimate Goop
Ultimate Alien X
Ultimate Lodestar
Ultimate Rath
Ultimate Nanomech
Ultimate Waterhazard
Ultimate AmpFibian
Ultimate Armodrillo
Ultimate Terraspin
Ultimate NRG
Ultimate Fasttrack

Ultimate Clockwork

Ultimate ChamAlien
Ultimate Shocksquatch
Ultimate Eatle
Ultimate Jury Rigg
Ultimate Feedback
Ultimate Bloxx
Ultimate Gravattack
Ultimate Crashhopper
Ultimate Ball Weevil
Ultimate Walkatrout
Ultimate Pesky Dust
Ultimate Molestache
Ultimate The Worst

Ultimate Kickin Hawk

Ultimate Toepick
Ultimate Astrodactyl
Ultimate Bullfrag
Ultimate Gutrot
Ultimate Whampire


  • Season 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 3 (Fan)
  • Season 4
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