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Albedo 0.10 is a fan-made BTFF series created by XxXWTBxXx (or simply abbreviated to WTB) that serves as a semi-canon spin-off of his other series, Multiverse vs. Tennyson, that follows the events of an alternate timeline with "What If?"-inspired scenarios.

The spin-off first conceptualized in mid-August 2020 as a series of Ben 10: Omniverse screenshot edits for fictional scenes between characters Ben Tennyson and Albedo, it wouldn't officially begin production until mid-September 2020 to bridge the gap between the lengthy releases of Multiverse vs. Tennyson chapter releases.


"An alternate timeline that changes courses during the Ben 10: Omniverse episode, Malgax Attacks, the actions of the villains were swapped, with the Malware-armored Vilgax instead being the one to hunt after Azmuth, while Albedo chooses to directly fight a 16-year-old Benjamin Tennyson, and his parasitic Slimebiote partner, Skurd, himself. In the end, the Malware armor is disabled by Azmuth's inventions, Vilgax himself arrested and imprisoned instead, while Albedo flees and escapes Vilgax's exploding ship, with newfound knowledge on the Slimebiote species, his Ultimatrix never disabled unlike the events of the Prime timeline, thus never resulting in his eventual entry into the Galvan Prime rehabilitation facility and his self-mutation into Amalgabedo."

"Almost one year later, a 17-year-old Ben Tennyson lives worry-free after having curbed the villainous actions of several of his most dangerous nemesis and prevented his version of the Time War orchestrated by Maltruant. A public icon destined to protect Bellwood from simple-minded, common criminals, and help redeem many of his past foes, Ben regularly faces the wrath of a bombastic, weary Albedo, who was never stopped hunting down after Ben Tennyson, and has caused the hero to grow more and more bored of his old foe. Led into ridiculous situations by his shenanigans of Albedo's attempts to entertain his nemesis, Ben Prime questions if it's time to help bury the hatchet and put it an end to a tiring rivalry."


As of September 2020, Albedo 0.10 is set to have 10 chapters, separated into 2 seasons of 5 chapters each. More may be developed and released dependent on interest from the creator to proceed.

Multiverse vs. Tennyson/Chapters


Alternate timeline counterparts of several characters from Multiverse vs. Tennyson, alongside several potential, previously-seen characters from the Ben 10 continuity, are set to appear in the spin-off. Opposed to Ben Tennyson, like MvT, the main "protagonist" of the spin-off is instead Albedo.

Several new aliens are set to make their first MvT appearance in the spin-off's chapters, although their debuts are virtually identical or very similar to how they first appeared off-screen in the MvT Prime timeline. The choice behind this were the creator's wishes to give specific aliens fleshed-out appearances, a task not able to worked into MvT's main ongoing storyline.

Multiverse vs. Tennyson/Character Guide (WIP)

Multiverse vs. Tennyson/Alien Guide (WIP)


  • Albedo 0.10 was first conceptualized by a few Ben 10: Omniverse screenshot edits depicting an edited canonical design of a character turned into a fan-made alien named Young Girl's Heart.
    • Proceeding from there, and developing more screenshots, the idea of a spin-off was eventually thought up of, and due to it not wanting to be particularly serious, it was to be primarily developed with a higher emphasis on more comedic premises.
  • The title of Albedo 0.10's chapters are all references to music songs, albums, and bands, inspired by the 10th chapter of MvT, Unholy Divers, with the series of Albedo 0.10 itself being a reference to Albedo 0.39, an album by Greek electronic composer Vangelis.
  • Unlike the main Multiverse vs. Tennyson storyline, Albedo 0.10 only takes place a year after the events of Ben 10: Omniverse, opposed to almost a decade. As a result, Ben Tennyson is only 17 years old and lacks both the Master Control.
    • Albedo 0.10's version of Ben retains access to the Ultimates, like the 25-year-old counterpart of his Prime timeline self in MvT, as he had performed the self process to regain Ultimates Ben Prime did to upgrade his Omnitrix with a refurbished evolutionary function at a much earlier time than Ben Prime. The reason behind this decision was to spice up any fight scenes he was in, and to additionally empathize the timeline's differences to the Prime timeline.
    • Multiverse vs. Tennyson's Ben Prime and A010 Ben have both canonically interacted off-screen, and the potential of a simple crossover between the two series is a possibility up in the air as of right now.
  • The idea behind the dimension's differentiating history centered around a specific Ben 10: Omniverse episode, was inspired by the creator's former plans to create an entire Malgax Attacks episode rewrite, believing it to have potential to be a very great episode if it wasn't for some extremely-negative factors. The rewrite was cancelled to a lack of motivation and ideas.
  • The first 5 chapters of Albedo 0.10 take place before the MvT special from the Prime timeline, The Alien That Can End The World, while further chapters afterwards not take place after the special, but are to be released after the special's official public release to the wiki.
  • Albedo 0.10 was formerly fully named "Multiverse vs. Tennyson: Albedo 0.10" but was cut down to just the subtitle for simplicity sakes.
  • Albedo 0.10 exists in the universe of Earth-216, within Dimension 39.
    • The specific dimension number was picked as another reference to the album Albedo 0.39.
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