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"Why bother with a cell? This human body is prison enough...But someday I'll be free. Then, they will all suffer, starting with Ben Tennyson. Until that day...BRING ME CHILI FRIES!"


Albedo was a Galvan that helped build the Omnitrix and built the Ultimatrix. He is stuck looking like Ben Tennyson and hates him for it.


Exactly like Ben Tennyson but with white hair and red eyes.

Powers and Abilities

Galvan Form

  • Enhanced Intelligence: He is slightly smarter than the average Galvan.
  • Enhanced Flexibility: He is flexible.
  • Enhanced Jumping: He can leap a few feet in the air.
  • Enhanced Language Understanding: He can understand incomprehensible languages.
  • Computer Perception: He is a natural hacker.
  • Wall Crawling: He can stick to walls.
  • Sharp Teeth: His teeth can brake strong skin.
  • Underwater Breathing: He has gills.

Human Form

  • Human: All the abilities of a teenage human.

Ultimate Albedo

  • Hyper Intelligence: He is smarter than Azmuth.
  • Energy Beam: He can blast beams from his eyes.
  • Force Field: He can generate force fields.
  • Flight: He is always levitating.
  • Telekinesis: He can move things with his mind.
  • Enhanced Durability: He is more durable than a normal Galvan.


  • Human: He has regular human weaknesses.


  • The Ultimatrix: Unlike the original Omnitrix he can evolve his alien transformations to their ultimate forms.


After Ben proved his worth to Azmuth and let him keep the Omnitrix, Albedo thought an idiotic human child could not use the Omnitrix the way it was intended. Albedo told Azmuth to give him the device so Azmuth fired him. So Albedo built his own Omnitrix but with an evolution feature he calls the Ultimatrix. He built this so he could be better than Ben. But when accessing the Omnitrix's DNA bank it made him look like an altered Ben.


  • Albedo has an irresistible craving for chill-fries. He blames this on being stuck in Ben's body but he just loves them but doesn't want to admit it.