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Albedo (Ultimate Hero)1.png
General Information
Species Galvan (formerly)
Home World Galvan Prime
Residence Envoy's Base (formerly)
Age Hundreds of years
Affiliations Azmuth (formerly)
Envoy (formerly)
Psyphon (formerly)
Occupations Azmuth's assistant (formerly)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence
DNA Alteration
Equipment Ultimatrix (formerly)
Omnitrix (formerly)
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
First Appearance Twilight

Albedo is a villain in Ben 10: Ultimate Hero. He is a Galvan from the planet Galvan Prime. He wishes to restore himself back to his original form and have his revenge against Ben Tennyson and Azmuth.


Albedo looks identical to Ben Tennyson, except his hair his white, his eyes are red, his jacket is red with black stripes, and his pants are dark blue.


Vengeful and ambitious, Albedo loathes Azmuth for his prolonged existence as a human and would do anything in order to get back against Ben.

Powers and Abilities

Albedo was able to obtain and repair the Omnitrix. However, due to the major damage it had suffered, the device had to go through extensive repair. Albedo wouldn't be able to transform into any alien until at the end of the first season.


Despite his enhanced intelligence, Albedo fails to understand the risks while serving under someone. Envoy was aware of this flaw and used Albedo's hatred for Ben to his advantage.


After reluctantly handing over the Ultimatrix to Ben Tennyson, Albedo attempted to escape from Vilgax's doomed ship. He was then saved by a mysterious figure known as Envoy. Grateful for being saved, Albedo accepted to serve the Envoy, believing it would give him an opportunity to get back on Ben.

Unable to repair the Omnitrix with the tools he had, Albedo stole several components on Galvan Prime he believed would help him fix the device.

As time moved on, Albedo began to become more desperate on getting his revenge. Albedo was able to attach a Dream Eater on Ben, but was apprehended afterwords. As punishment, Envoy used a Dream Eater on Albedo.

After learning his lesson, Albedo was given the task to bring Ben Tennyson to Envoy. Using the Omnitrix to turn into a To'kustor, he fought Ben. When Albedo emerged victorious, he allowed Psyphon to be captured by Gwen and Kevin and brought Ben to Envoy, where he was betrayed and was taken away.

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