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General Information


Home Planet:

Galvan Prime

Other Info
Crimes: Attempting to steal original Matrix.
Assault and Battery.
Goal: To return to Galvan form and kill Noah
Abilities: Matrix Transformations
High Intellect
1st appearance: Twin
Arch-enemy: Noah Segurason
Henchmen/Leader: Ceae
Necrofriggian Actor
Vaxasauran Actor
Vilgax (Formerly)

Albedo appears in Noah 10 (Solo28) as one of the main villains. He is Noah's evil negative counterpart.


While working on The Matrix, Noah hired Albedo as his assistant. Albedo was loyal, until one day he stole the incomplete Matrix, but was caught and changed from a Galvan into Negative Noah. He vowed revenge, little did anyone know, he stole the blue prints for the Matrix and created his own. He didn't have Grey Matter because he was already a Galvan, to his dismay.


He is completely bent on killing Noah and stealing his Matrix. He never gives up and is very strategic in battle.


Same as Noah, with the exception of Grey Matter, , and Ultimate .

Albedo's Original Form

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