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 Albedo is the son of Ben's two worst enemies, who are dead now. He is the main character of Inversed Roles Rebooted, leading The Shattered to take down Ben.


Albedo looks just like the 16 year old Ben from UAF, but reversed. He has white hair with red eyes, a black undershirt, and a red jacket with two black stripes. He wears the Unlimitrix on his wrist, with blue jeans and black shoes.


Albedo's parents were the worst enemies of Ben. In an attempt to fight Ben, they were captured and taken to court. Ben ordered the judge to declare them guilty and put on Death's Row. When Albedo's brother tried to stop him, Ben beat his brother to death in that very courtroom. Albedo ran away, crying. Albedo was just ten. He found the Unlimitrix on his desk, but didn't know what it was. It had a note on it from his mother, about how she would miss him. The gift latched onto Albedo's wrist, unveiling itself as the Unlimitrix. He then went on to recruit friends and others to join his new rebel force, The Shattered.


Albedo, though usually serious, is always cracking stupid jokes trying to cheer himself up. He can get very grim and sad when thinking about things like his parents, but it usually just makes him more determined to take down Ben Tennyson

Powers and Abilities

  • Albedo can use the Unlimitrix to transform into aliens, their Ultimate Forms, and their Unlimited Forms, such as Unlimited NRG.
  • Albedo is smart and has quick reflexes.


  • In IRR, Albedo was never a Galvan, along with his family.