This is the fourth episode of Dan 10.

Dan 10
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date When it airs.
Written by Dan
Directed by Dan
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Strangers on the Moon
Pirate Ambush


The three heroes are shown fixing the ship.

Aaron: Dan, I am never trusting you to touch anything on this ship.

Dan: I was just looking for the cup holders!

Jane: You turned on the laser defence system that destroied the wall!

Dan: It wasn't my fault!

Jane: Yes it was!

The camera zooms out to see a man in a chair, but he is in a shadow.

Man: Albedo. Go get them.

Albedo: (Nods, and transforms into Eruption but with red eyes and red Omnitrix) Okay, master.

Albedo flew off to the Moon.

Eruption: Hello!

Aaron looked up.

Aaron: Why are you wasting the battery on that thing? What if the Moon Aliens attack again?

Eruption: Oh... why yes.

Dan walked out of the Ship.

Dan: (Hair burning) I pressed all the buttons, and there is NO cup holder. (Sees Eruption) WHO ARE YOU!?!?!?!

Eruption dosen't respond. He shoots fire at Dan, but in a green flash a giant crab was there, blocking the fire with his shell.

Crab: Crushtacean!

Crushtacean charged at Eruption, but Eruption slaps his Omnitrix, and something weird happens.

Eruption changes blue, and the Omnitrix turns Purple.

Alien: My name is: AWESOME ERUPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crushtacean: Whoa!

Awesome Eruption (Let's call him Ae) froze Crushtacean!

Crushtacean: Aw man.

Ae: Now. To finish you!

But Crushtacean was gone in a flash of green light, and replaced with Cannonman!

Cannonman: (Shoots cannonballs to break the ice) And now! (Shoots more cannonballs)

Ae: Puny. (Freezes the Cannonballs)

Cannonman: How am I supposed to beat him?

Aaron: I don't know! Maybe... WAIT!

Cannonman: Jane! Cover us!

Jane made a mana sheild.

Cannonman transformed into Riff Raff and flew over to Aaron.

Riff Raff: Yeah?

Aaron: That guy's a copy of you. Right?

Riff Raff: Yeah.

Aaron: So you have the same powers. Right?

Riff Raff: Hmmm. Oh! I can use Awesome Forms too!

Riff Raff slapped his Omnitrix, and transfomed into...

Awesome Riff Raff: AWESOME RIFF RAFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ae looked in surprise, then shot fire at Awesome Riff Raff (Let's call him Arr)

Arr: So, now I can do this! (Shoots lasers out of his eyes at Ae)

Ae: So? I have so much power!

Arr: Appearently not.

Ae's Omnitrix flashed red, and he transformed into his Galvan form.

Albedo: Oh poo.

Arr picks up Albedo and throws him!


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