General Information
Species Mutated Galvan/Human Hybrid
Age Physically - 20
Actually - Several Hundred Years
Occupation(s) Hero
Powers and abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence
DNA Alteration
Equipment The Ultimatrix
Relatives Azmuth - (ex) Adoptive Father
Alias Benjamin Albedo
"Mr. Albedo" or "Sir" (Fan)
Alternate Counterparts Albedo (Canon)
Jakson Albedo (Dimension 24)
Albedo (Dimension 6)
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal
First Appearance And Then There Was Albedo

Albedo is a genetically mutated Galvan/Human hybrid originally from Galvan Prime in Albedo 10: Omniverse


Albedo has the appearance of a twenty-year-old human male with grey hair and red eyes. He wears a dark red jacket, black pants, and blakc shoes with a red stripe.


He is normally pretty hppy and up-beat, but in times of battle he becomes serious instantly, almost scaring some people.

He can be brutally obnoxious or rude when it comes to Azmuth.

Because he is part human and lives on Earth, he speaks like a normal human would, but he will occasionally use a big word out of context due to still being part Galvan.

Powers and Abilities

Being partially Galvan, Albedo has some enhanced intelligence. However, most of this will fade as he is part human. It as already started to happen.

He has the ability to transform into about 70 alien forms via use of the Ultimatrix


He can appear big headed at times. Used to being a Galvan, he will still think he is superior to all humans and sometimes his alien enemies.


Albedo created the Ultimatrix because Azmuth wouldn't give him the Omnitrix. This resulted in him becoming mutated and then banished to Earth by Azmuth.



  • Azmuth - formerly considered his adoptive father


  • TBA


He will appear in all episodes



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