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Jakson Albedo
Jakson Albedo.png
General Information
Species Altered Human/Galvan
Age 20

Jakson Albedo is the Dimension 24 counterpart of Albedo in BTDW.


Jakson looks like Albedo in Omniverse but with some slight alterations to his jacket, pants, and shoes making them a darker red and black. He wears the Betamatrix on his left wrist.


In this Dimension, Azmuth didn't send the Omnitrix to Max; he gave it to Albedo. Since Albedo had it from the start he didn't turn evil, but he wasn't satisfied with the Prototype, so he built a new one. Azmuth, outraged, set the default DNA to human, causing Albedo to turn into the altered human that he is now. Albedo didn't know this, but decided to live on Earth instead of Galvan Prime. He made his name Jakson, while keeping his last name Albedo. Paradox traveled to this Dimension and told that Azmuth of the oncoming threat. This caused Azmuth to finish the Omnitrix and send it to Jakson.

Powers and Abilities

Jakson wields the Beta Omnitrix MIII, or Betamatrix, Dimensional counterpart to the Omnitrix MIII. He has the intelligence of a Galvan, since he used to be one.


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