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MP Mutant Galvan Albedo.png
General Information
Species Galvan (formerly)
Human (formerly)
Mutant Galvan
Home World Galvan Prime
Residence Aul-Turrhen (formerly)
The Rift
Age Hundreds of years
Affiliations Azmuth (formerly)
Occupations Azmuth's Assistant (formerly)
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intelligence
DNA Alteration
Technological Expertise
Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Flexibility
Enhanced Jumping
Enhanced Dexterity
Cerebrospinal Fluid Secretion
Crystallizing Flames
Weapon Manifestation
Wall Crawling
Ground Crawling
Sharp Teeth
Underwater Breathing
Prehensile Tongue
Sticky Skin
Equipment Copy of the Omnitrix (formerly)
Antitrix (formerly)
Relatives Ben Tennyson (human DNA origin; formerly)
Tennyson Family (technically; formerly)
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal (human and mutant Galvan)
Richard Horvitz (Galvan)
First Appearance Up to 11

Albedo (pronounced "al-bee-do") is a villain in Ben 10: Missing Pieces and Ben 10: Protector of the Omniverse. He first appeared in Up to 11. He is a mutant Galvan from the planet Galvan Prime and Azmuth's former assistant. He is the Timeline 1 equivalent of the canon Albedo.


Human Form

In Up to 11, Albedo looked like Ben in Heroes United, but with his own clothes, eye color and hair color from Alien Force/Ultimate Alien, with a white T-shirt like in Good Copy, Bad Copy. His clothes were also tattered and dirty. He wore the Antitrix on his left wrist. His colors matched the color palette of Heroes United.

Galvan Form

In Up to 11, Albedo's Galvan form looked like Grey Matter in the original series, but with red eyes and no Omnitrix symbol. This was not his original form, but rather the Galvan sample in the Omnitrix which Albedo was able to access after syncing the Antitrix with it. His colors matched the color palette of Heroes United.

Mutant Galvan Form

Albedo's mutant Galvan form looks similar to his Galvan form as described above, but he has a more defined chin. His skin is reddish-brown and his fingers, toes and neck are longer. He has two horns on his head and his body is thinner.


Before he turned against Azmuth, Albedo was an eccentric genius who was very respectful of Azmuth, and was concerned for the safety of others. At the same time, he still showed an arrogant sense of superiority toward others, mostly in terms of intelligence.

Over time, Albedo has become rude, vengeful, ambitious, and exhibits sociopathic tendencies. He is unaccepting of Ben's right to wear the Omnitrix, thinking that Ben is just an unworthy human. He bears animosity towards Azmuth, even so much as claiming the credit for the creation of the Omnitrix for himself. Originally being a scientist, he speaks with a larger vocabulary, being more intellectual than Ben, though in a rather cold and condescending manner.

Because he had gained Ben's DNA, Albedo acquired Ben's cravings and habits, which he considers utterly repulsive: He has the same taste in food, scratches himself in "suspected" inappropriate places, and his left eye twitches whenever he lies. As a running gag of the series, he develops an insatiable craving for chili fries, even more than Ben himself, calling it a "human weakness." Originally he had hated this habit, but develops a liking for them, though he denies this and blames it on his human DNA.

Albedo is suspicious and distrustful of others.


Prior to Missing Pieces

Albedo was a brilliant young Galvan scientist, who served as Azmuth's assistant.

At some point, Albedo asked Azmuth for an Omnitrix for himself, as he didn't trust "a mere human", though his request was denied, as Azmuth stated that there could be only one Omnitrix. Azmuth later fired him, though Albedo claims he quit. Albedo then used his knowledge of the project to build a copy, and set it to match Ben's. However, when doing so, he didn't know that Ben's DNA would become the default, causing him to permanently lose his Galvan form and become a clone of Ben.

Albedo later went through the same events as his canon equivalent as depicted in Good Copy, Bad Copy.

Sometime after that, Albedo managed to escape the Rift (in which he was imprisoned in the aforementioned episode) and went to Aul-Turrhen. With the help of some Planchaküles, he gathered components to build a new Omnitrix named the Antitrix and loaded it with 11 DNA samples. When he started testing it, his aliens became mutated. However, he was too obsessed with wanting to return to his original form that he ignored the danger.

Missing Pieces

In Up to 11, Albedo came to Galvan Mark II to demand that Azmuth restore his original form. Azmuth refused, saying that he did not trust him. Albedo then became hostile and started destroying some of Azmuth's equipment. Myaxx teleported Ben, Gwen and Kevin to Azmuth's lab as backup. Ben fought Albedo while Gwen and Kevin heard the story of how the Galvans built Galvan Mark II after the Highbreed destroyed the original Galvan Prime. They later interrupted Ben and Albedo's fight to deliver some news. Azmuth explained that he did not have the time or patience to build what was necessary to restore his original form, but he could instead unlock the Galvan sample in the Omnitrix and sync the Antitrix with the Omnitrix so that Albedo would gain access to the sample. Albedo reluctantly agreed and Azmuth did what was necessary. Shortly after Albedo turned into a Galvan, he mutated due to the low-quality components he used to build the Antitrix. Ben tried to cure him with the Omnitrix, but was unsuccessful. Blinded by rage, Albedo started blaming Ben, but Ben quickly defended himself, saying he had nothing to do with his decision to create the Antitrix and that he could still make a better future for himself. Impressed with Ben's wisdom, Azmuth re-unlocked all of Ben's previously-used aliens except for Feedback and left the room with Albedo.

Albedo was once again imprisoned in the Rift, though this time he intended to serve his sentence and become a better person.

Powers and Abilities

Albedo is highly intelligent, being "very smart even for a Galvan", and has a large amount of knowledge about the Omnitrix, having been Azmuth's assistant. He was able to create a copy of the Omnitrix that, despite the mishap of turning him into a clone of Ben, worked perfectly.

Albedo is also a good fighter.

Being turned into a mutant Galvan has given Albedo a few new abilities. Firstly, he can secrete a dark red cerebrospinal fluid, which he can harden into a plaque and manipulate it to form weapons.

The weapons Albedo creates from out of his body are a by-product of his mind. While the energies generated in a regular Galvan lead to the acceleration of synaptic activity, in Albedo, those energies-undirected or improperly directed-create the dark matter he issues out from inside.

Albedo's cerebrospinal fluid can also be utilized as either a fuel for automobiles or an alternative method for encasing enemies in red crystal.

Albedo has enhanced dexterity and is able to crawl on the ground with ease.


Albedo's own arrogance is often the source of his downfall and he always underestimates the intelligence and skill of those that oppose him, specifically Azmuth and Ben. His obsession and desire to get revenge on them can also lead him into getting into situations that end in his defeat and make him overlook the potential of others.


Missing Pieces


  • Credit to Echoson for the infobox image and most of the images in the gallery, and Chrisfan17 for the last image in the gallery.
  • When Albedo was working for Azmuth in creating the Omnitrix, he worked on the Omnitrix's software package.
  • Just like Ben, Albedo likes chili fries, but not because of Ben's DNA. Albedo is just blaming it on Ben.
    • Albedo likes smoothies too, but he can control himself around those.
  • Albedo is not albino. He just has white hair.
  • Albedo hates Azmuth more than he hates Ben.
  • When Albedo lies, his left eye twitches, just like Ben's.
  • The Galvan sample in the Omnitrix once came from Albedo, but Azmuth changed it after Albedo stopped working for him.[1]
  • Albedo's appearance and abilities as a mutant Galvan were inspired by and based on Dark Matter from the Ben 10 reboot.



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