General Information
Species Galvan
Age 252 (actually)
16 (physically)
Affiliations Khyber
Powers and abilities
Equipment Recreated Ultimatrix
Alias Al-bay-do

Albedo is the former Galvan assistant to Azmuth and the user of the recreated Ultimatrix.


He has looks exactly like his Omniverse Teen form except he has the same outfit from the beginning of A Fistful of Brains. 

His Galvan form is the exact same as his Omniverse present Galvan form except he has his Ultimate Alien's outfit but with metal rings from his Omniverse outfit.


Before Ben 10: Future Legacy, Albedo somehow regained his Teen Ben form and reactivated his recreated Ultimatrix, which then recalibrated.


He can still transform into alien species mentally, and they are still stabilized by the Recreated Ultimatrix. 


  • He likes smoothies from Mr. Smoothy just like Ben.
    • He blames its because of the DNA. Just like chili fries, it isn't because of the DNA.
    • His favorite smoothy flavor is a strawberry grasshopper combo.
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