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General Information
Species Galvan (formerly)
Home World Galvan Prime
Occupations The last Galvan
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Intellect
Aliases Al
Voice Actor TBD

Albedo is a character in Earth-126. He first appeared in (TBA). He is a Galvan turned Human from the planet Galvan Prime.



Albedo is charming in a rugged way, he cares for others but can come off a bit cold at first.


As a young Galvan, he was sent away from his homeworld by none other than Azmuth himself, who knew that their people would not last much longer in this world after a discovery he had recently made.

After Albedo was cast away from his home and sent far, far away to make a name and life for himself, it was hard being so small compared to other aliens being pretty much ten times his size or bigger. Somehow he did manage to make it out in the decaying and cruel universe.

After many years of searching and exploring Albedo finally made it back to Galvan Prime but when he lands he finds no signs of life there at all. He was all alone... or so he thought.

He explored the ruined remains of the city, making his way to Azmuth's home and Lab, a place known for the most wondrous pieces of technology was created.

(more will come when I think of it)

In the end of it all, he is just a scarred, beaten, bruised up hermit, that does what he can to survive.

Powers and Abilities

Other than his Galvan intellect, he posses greater reflexes, agility, and strength than most Galvans, which comes from his life of being on the run and was carried over upon becoming human.

At one point he had a Trix, that was extremely glitchy causing his Human transformation in the first place mainly for Human was the default DNA, after his encounter with Ben and friends along with [TBA] it was removed and has not been worn since.

He takes magic lessons from Theo, mainly for when he is teaching he is not shipping.




Unknown who his family is, but he shared a parental bond with Azmuth.


  • Ben Tennyson: Upon meeting each other after a quick runaround they become fast friends.
  • Carly Lawrence (Earth-126): Left a bad impression on her at first but now they share technology tips and tricks with each other.
  • Theo Leclair: His shipping is annoying but he is a great friend and ally.
  • Courtney Lawrence (Earth-126): She is one of his mentors for learning about Earth's customs and culture.

Love Interests

  • A character who does not belong to me.



  • Appearance 1
  • Appearance 2
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  • Carly and Courtney Lawrence belong to Jetrashipper
  • According to Theo, his sucks with raw magic and will need something to channel mana.
    • Only Azlin is known to be that bad and has the only know object to properly channel mana.