General Information
Species Galvan
Age 252 (actually)
16 (physically)
Affiliations Khyber
Powers and abilities
Equipment Recreated Ultimatrix
Alias Al-bay-do

Albedo is the Galvan trapped in a human body that resembles Ben Tennyson.


His human form has Ben's Omniverse appearance but with traits of his AF/UA appearance such as the grey hair, red eyes, and red Omnitrix. Like in AF/UA, his shirt is the opposite version of Ben's shirt. So instead of white and green, it is black and red. He also has red shoes. The only thing that he has similar to Ben is the brown pants.

His Galvan form is the exact same as his Omniverse present Galvan form except he has his Ultimate Alien's outfit but with metal rings from his Omniverse outfit.

Powers and Abilities

He can mentally transform into innumerable aliens, but needs a device known as the Recreated Ultimatrix to keep them stablized. Also with the Recreated Ultimatrix, he can transform the alien forms into their ultimate forms. This makes him a powerful foe to outmatch.

He also has an above average Galvan IQ, but his IQ is lower than Azmuth's.


He counts his cravings for chili fries, as one of his weaknesses. But, in reality though it's technically not as it doesn't get in the way have his evil schemes.

His human body is more frail and weak than most other alien species.


  • Credit goes to Reo 54 for the awesome picture.


  • He likes smoothies from Mr. Smoothy just like Ben.
    • He blames its because of the DNA. Just like chili fries, it isn't because of the DNA.
    • His favorite smoothy flavor is a strawberry grasshopper combo.
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