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This version of Albedo is the opposite of his Prime counterpart and is the exact opposite of Ben Tennyson.


Ever since Azmuth's death, Albedo had to guard the Omnitrix before it was finished. He and Myaxx had to fight Vilgax when he attempted to steal it. Albedo was still deemed unworthy to wield the Omnitrix, so he made his own.

When Ben wielded the Omnitrix and used Malware's leftovers into the Omnitrix turning it into Maltrix, Albedo's Omnitrix turned Albedo into an exact copy of Ben Tennyson. It even turned his Omnitrix into the Maltrix due to the Omnitrix being linked with Ben's Maltrix, so Albedo traveled to Earth to find Ben. As Albedo found out that Ben was a killer, he fought Ben. During the battle, when Albedo and Ben timed out, they tried to fight each other while in human forms, but their Maltrixes connected as they created a bio-feedback which caused Albedo to become a negative version of Ben. A few weeks after the bio feedback incident, Ben traveled to Galvan Prime to kill all Galvans. Albedo was left mourning after finding out that he's the last of his species trapped in a human body.

Knowing Ben is very cruel, Albedo was making another Omnitrix, the one Azmuth spent years making: the Ultimatrix. Albedo added some modifications. Creating the Ultimaltrix, Albedo was able to evolve his aliens into their ultimate forms. After all that, Ben decided to take the Ultimatrix after the original Maltrix was destroyed.

Albedo was left powerless for a year, until he built a device that would allow him to transform without an Omnitrix and revert back to his true form, but that was short-lived. He decided to build another Ultimatrix, but he had to build a Maltrix that was based off Ben's current one. He needed the Polymorphic crystal to finish the Ultimatrix. Even if he could turn into his Galvan form, he would rather stay in his human form instead of being the last of his species.


He looks exactly like Ben but has few differences.

He wears a green instead of red T-shirt, his pants are orange and his shoes look similar to Prime Ben's shoes.


  • He doesn't wear 15-year-old Ben's jacket because it was too tight.
  • Due to Ben's DNA, he's part Chronian.
  • As much as he tries to take away the Maltrix from Ben, he knows that there is nothing that would stop Ben.
  • Much like his Prime counterpart, he was jealous and power-hungry when he was deemed unworthy to wield the Omnitrix.
  • In some way, he does like chili fries without a doubt.

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