In this dimension, Albedo and Benjamin Tennyson are best friends, not enemies.


Albedo is a rather impulsive Galvan, but actually has a heart of gold. He and Myaxx are Azmuth's two assistants and helped to construct the Omnitrix. He and Azmuth also noticed the one who gained the Omnitrix and his almost limitless intelligence. Even Albedo who can be a bit arrogant has noticed the vast mental capacity of Benjamin Tennyson and his growing frustrations on Earth. So then both Azmuth and Albedo revealed themselves to Benjamin and brought him to Galvan Prime. There Benjamin learned the great wonders of the universe and first hand how to control and operate the Omnitrix.

Albedo and Benjamin even became fast friends with one another and see each other as equals, not alien and human. Albedo has come to Benjamin's aid several times and because of that, Albedo relocated to Earth and became one of Benjamin's most trusted and used allies.


  • Unlike Prime Albedo, this one actually does like smoothies and chili fries.
  • He lives in Benjamin's mansion.
  • Is the warden at one of Benjamin's alien prison facilities.
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