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Albedo is Ben 11's cloned evil opposite.



Albedo looks like Ben but has white hair, orange eyes, and pale skin. He wears blue jeans, black sneakers, and an orange jacket with 2 black lines on the left sleeve and a black line on the right side. He wears the Ultimatrix on his right hand.


Albedo acts exactly like Albedo Prime.


Season 1:

Dopple-Ganged Up pt. 1 &2

Season 2:


Height Isn't Always Needed

Season 3:

A Guide to Ultimate Power

Dimension Hopping Isn't the Best

Season 4:

Aggregor Returns (cameo)

Albedo's New Tricks pt. 1-2

Season 5:

Power Surge

Ultimate Power pt. 1-3

Season 6:

We Are Not Brothers!

The Battle that Ends it All pt. 1-3

Movie Appearances

Ben 11: The Omnitrix's True Power


Same as Ben


  • Negative Infernite
  • Negative Insanine
  • Negative Shard
  • Negative Fast Raptor
  • Negative Brainfibian
  • Negative Four Arms
  • Negative Goo Bug
  • Negative Steeljaws
  • Negative Techno
  • Negative Charger
  • Negative Snare-Cofigus
  • Negative Wrecking Ball
  • Negative Hyper Root
  • Negative Cyro Monitar
  • Negative Multiply
  • Negative Laser Eye
  • Negative Goliath
  • Negative Marshflame
  • Negative Sonic Clone
  • Negative Gigasaur
  • Negative Prism
  • Negative Frost Moth
  • Negative Spider Monkey
  • Negative Slime
  • Negative Magnet
  • Negative Tiger Claw
  • Negative Lycannon
  • Negative Nymphmare
  • Negative FlashFlood
  • Negative Zap Squid
  • Negative Jack Hammer
  • Negative ChelWind
  • Negative Radiant
  • Negative Zero Speed
  • Negative Invisilizard
  • Negative Bug Bite
  • Negative Clox
  • Negative Construct-Devil
  • Negative Shocksquatch
  • Negative Nanite
  • Negative Block-Up
  • Negative G-Force
  • Negative Crashhopper
  • Negative Bug Bom
  • Negative Bruister
  • Negative Galactydactyl
  • Negative Beat Frog
  • Negative Atom
  • Negative Gas Bomb
  • Negative Spit Shot
  • Negative Rubbolt


Same as Ben


Ben Tennyson - Clone / Brother

Dr. Animo - Father / Creator


  • Albedo's Ultimatrix "mutates" the aliens into super-soldier war machine.
  • Unlike Prime Albedo, he isn't a Galvan, he is an experiment made by Dr. Animo to make an evil Ben by using a lock of Ben's hair.
  • Albedo's Ultimatrix was made by Dr. Animo when he took a piece of the Omnitrix and added an evolutionary function.
  • Being a clone, Albedo is technically Ben's brother.
  • Albedo was originally going to wield the Predatrix, Ben 11's version of the Nemetrix but was scrapped because I was to lazy to make ultimate predators.