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Albedo is the main antagonist of At Azmuth's College. He's a Galvan linked by DNA with Ben Tennyson.


He looks like Albedo's Galvan form in Omniverse. His eyes are a brighter red.

His human form looks like Ben 10,000, but has red eyes and clothing.

Powers and Abilities

He is a superintelligent Galvan, as he was able to recreate the Ultimatrix for the third time.

He has also the powers of a normal Galvan.

He possesses the Ultimatrix copy created by himself, that lets him to turn into the same aliens as Ben 10,000 and create their ultimate forms.


When the DNA stabilizer of the Ultimatrix turns off, it turns into a human, which is a body that Albedo hasn't adapted yet.

Albedo sometimes tends to be arrogant.



  • Albedo is revealed to be 12 centuries old.