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Ben 10: Haunted
Season 1, Episode 42
Written by Ghost King001
Directed by Ghost King001
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Nebula X Mystery


Somewhere in Undertown, Albedo was hiding out in the ruined warehouse Ghost King demolished as Rougaru awhile back. He had cleared out the rubble at some point and moved a lot of equipment into the building.

Albedo: Soon, I will have revenge on Tennyson for imprisoning me in his wretched body. And I will also get even with that mysterious new Omnitrix user. Both will pay.

He tinkers on his Ultimatrix. Trying to free it from Ben`s playlist so he can have master control. He then throws his tools in frustration.

Albedo: No matter. I have ULTIMATES! I`m still the best!

He turns into Jetray and flees the ruined warehouse, looking for Ben and Ghost King.

Theme song!

fortunately for Albedo, Ben was chasing Ghost King around town.

Ghost King: What`s the matter? Don`t you have a fast alien?

He then feels a strong wind blow and turns into Varan, taking advantage of the weather.

Varan: Or a flying alien? I know you have at least that. So long, sucker!

Ben: Says the guy who`s butt I always kick!

He turns into Stinkfly and pursues Varan. Varan then lands on a building and turns into another new alien resembling an egg.

???: Who`s this? how about...BAD EGG!

Stinkfly draws closer, Bad Egg releases a noxious odor. Stinkfly keeps flying, immune to the odor. Bad Egg growls and shifts into Leeds.

Stinkfly: Oh great.

Leeds breathes hellfire at him, Stinkfly barely dodges. Leeds then glides away, only to be intercepted by Albedo.

Negative Jetray: Vengance is mine!

Leeds: The hell?!

He breathes hellfire in the his face. Albedo dodges and shoots laser beams from his tail at Leeds. Leeds plummets to the ground and becomes dazed.

Stinkfly: Albedo?

Negative Jetray: Tennyson! I`ve come for my revenge!

He rushes Stinkfly, but suddenly Ghost King turns into his Waybad form and thunderclaps him.

???: Take that you puny knock off! At least I have more than aliens in MY watch!

Stinkfly: It`s true Albedo, he is more original.

Albedo sludges out as Goop. He then drops to the ground and turns into Waybig, grabbing Ghost King by his horn and flipping him over. Stinkfly just flies in place, contemplating what he should do. He obviously can`t help Ghost King...can he?

Stinkfly: Ghost King can handle himself, but maybe I can distract Albedo.

He turns into Humungosaur, grabbing Albedo by the foot and flipping him over.

Negative Waybig: You pest!

He reaches for his Ultimatrix Symbol to turn Ultimate, but Ghost King gets up and turns into Ghidrah. Ghidrah bellows in anger before firing gravity beams at Ben and Albedo.

Humungosaur: Hey! I helped you!

Ghidrah grunts, not caring. Albedo turns Ultimate and towers over Ghidrah. Ghidrah gulps and tries to defiantly barrage him with gravity beams, but Ultimate Waybig grabs his three throats and flings him into a skyscraper.

Ultimate Waybig: Yes! Now I will destroy Tennyson and be rid of you both!

He grabs Humungosaur and prepares to squish him.

Humungosaur: Hey Ghost King, you going to let Albedo do me in?

He swaps into Waybig so he stands a better chance. Ghidrah`s eyes open in anger, Electricity sparks all over his body in rage as he bites Ultimate Waybig and delivers and electric shock. Ultimate Waybig screams in pain. Ghidrah then turns back into Ghost King.

Ghost King: Take that!

Waybig: It`s never that easy.

Ghost King: Sure it is-!

Suddenly Ultimate Waybig gets up and growls. He then grabs Waybig and flings him into another building.

Waybig: (Weakly) I...won`t...give up...that...easily.

Ultimate Waybig: Shame.

He punches Waybig repeatedly. Waybig slumps over and turns back into Ben.

Ultimate Waybig: Now Tennyson, I will finally be rid of you. And I will finally turn Galvan again and rule the universe with TWO Omnitrixes. Perhaps even THREE!

Ghost King looks on in anger.

Ghost King: No, not on my watch.

He turns into his Mokele Mbembe form and tail swipes Ultimate Waybig`s leg. Ultimate Waybig looks annoyed at him.

Ultimate Waybig: Oh please, as if that`ll stop me.

Ghost King switches into a fake Jersey Devil transformation then flies into a cloud, shifting into Space Jellyfish. He then drains Ultimate Waybig of his energy. Ultimate Waybig screams in pain, turning back. Ghost King also turns back and turns into another new alien.

Albedo: beat ME?

???: Sure, why not?

He releases a noxious odor from his horn like ears. Albedo gasps for air before collapsing. Ghost King looks over at Ben, he could finish him easily. But he`s too weak to fight, it would be TOO easy. Even he has a moral code.

???: Until next time Tennyson.

He switches into Leeds and flies away, leaving both Ben and Albedo unconscious. Fortunately, Ben wakes up soon and calls for backup.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Ghost King, Albedo and Ben fight.

Minor Events

  • Ghost King unlocks two new aliens.


  • Ben Tennyson


  • Ghost King


  • Albedo

Aliens Used

By Ben

  • Stinkfly
  • Humungosaur
  • Waybig

By Albedo

  • Jetray
  • Goop
  • Waybig
  • Ultimate Waybig

By Ghost King

  • Varan
  • Bad Egg
  • Leeds
  • Seabozu
  • Ghidrah
  • Mokele
  • Fake Jersey Devil Transformation
  • Space Jellyfish
  • Swamp Gas



  • Ghost King actually wasn`t committing any crimes that day, he simply entered a store and unintentionally scared everyone away.
  • In early drafts: AMPfibian would be used by Ben. Also, Ghost King would`ve used Omen instead of Swamp Gas to defeat Albedo for good. But he had to be introduced at some point.
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