Albedo's Fan
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General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Age Unknown, probably 10
Affiliations Albedo (His #1 Fan)
Occupation(s) None
Powers and Abilities
Abilities High Artistic Capabilities
Equipment Notebook
Red Pen
Relatives Unknown
Alias "Kid" (Albedo)
Voice Actor Tara Strong
First Appearance Albedo and The Bee

Albedo's fan is a Human child from Earth in Albedo 10: Omniverse, who first appeared in Albedo and The Bee. His name was not mentioned.


Albedo's fan is a young child, probably about ten years old. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.

He wore a dark red t-shirt what had a black "10" on the front and black stripes on the collar and sleeves.

He carried a red pen in the rings of his dark red notebook.


Albedo's fan has shown particular skill in drawing, specifically Albedo's alien forms.


Albedo's fan exhibited both courage and courtesy, plainly walking up to his hero (Albedo) and then referring to him as either "Mr. Albedo" or "Sir".


Albedo's fan first appeared in Albedo and The Bee when he asked Albedo for an autograph in his notebook.



  • He will appear again, though Dragon and I are unsure of when.
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