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Yeah, I'm ripping off Aaron's arsenal. What of it? Whatcha gonna do about it? Nothin? That's what I thought.

Nah but really I figure I may as well have a place to showcase the free use aliens I've got, which mainly consists of Omni-Enhanced forms, now that I think about it.

Free Use Rule

All you really gotta do is credit me for the alien if you use it lmao


Normal Aliens

Alternate Counterparts

Ben 23

Mad Ben

Antitrix Forms

While it could be argued the Antitrix aliens have multiple Omnitrix counterparts, I'm only adding their "Species 1" as their counterpart, as that is the primary counterpart for each.

Name Primary Species Secondary Species Omnitrix Counterpart
Bangolin Talpaedan Vreedle Armodrillo
Brickhouse Segmentasapien Basalt Bloxx
Fobwatch Chronosapien Galilean Clockwork
Geneius Planchaküle Slimebiote Jury Rigg
Hazmatron Prypiatosian-B Nanochip NRG
Speedline Citrakayah Appoplexian Fasttrack



Ultimate Forms

Omni-Enhanced Forms

Omni-Kix Forms

Omni-Spell Forms