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 Alan Albright is a main character from IRR. He is 1/2 Pyronite and 1/2 Human.


Alan has big black dotted eyes, earrings and longer hair and is short. He wears an orange hoodie that has a basketball in the middle surrounded by orange flames. Sometimes, when needed, Alan goes undercover as a Plumber using his leftover Plumber badge. Alan's Pyronite form is equally short and when not wearing his badge, he instead havs a crack on his chest that is shaped like a flame. His eyes are connected to the fire on his head and his forehead is smaller.

History and Personality

Alan was the son of a Plumber once, who Ben told him was taken to the Null Void. Ben tricked him into going into the Null Void himself in order to get back to his father, but instead was captured there by Servantis. Servantis then used Kevin's powers to turn Alan into a half Pyronite half Human fusion, afterwards wiping his memory and sending him on a mission to kill Albedo. When Alan got to Albedo, he remembered his past and realized Ben tricked him. He then decided to join The Shattered and find where his dad really is.


Alan is now a part of The Shattered's main squad, which consists of AlbedoLucy MannSunny, and himself.

Powers and Abilities

  • Pyrokinesis
  • Pyro Immunity
  • Cryo Immunity
  • Flight
  • Limited Terrakinesis
  • Flight (via Propulsion)
  • Lava Spit