Al Capaca
General Information
Species Minddjess
Home World Alpacatraz
Body Alpaca
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Brilliant Mastermind

Al Capaca is a Minddjess from the moon of the planet Iallama called Alpacatraz.


Al Capaca looks like an Earth alpaca with a cane and in a suit and tie.


Al Capaca has the brain equivelent to a criminal mastermind. He can figure out patterns quickly and can plan perfect battles.


Al Capaca is very puny, and will never stand a chance in a direct fight on his own. Also, just because he is smart doesn't mean he's wise.

In Bishop 11, he is so smart that he will over-complicate his schemes to make it more challenging to him.


Bishop 10: Paradox

Bishop 11


  • Al Capaca is a pun off the criminal Al Capone.
  • Al Capaca's DNA source made an appearance in the second season of Omni-Cop.
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